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One of the biggest electronic accessories whether you know it or not is headphones. People buy them for different reasons such as which provides the best sound but you be surprised others will gravitate towards a particular pair of cans for its style or amount of features.

Here are some of the Headphones We Recommend This Year for the Holiday Season


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If you are looking for a portable and powerful pair of cans the V-MODA XS might be your best bet. This headphones fold up and small enough to throw in your jacket pocket and the sound is killer with its 40mm dual diaphragm drivers. Did I mention the headband is virtually indestructible and the earcups are memory foam soft.  These pair of headphones scream premium with its metal casing body and even had a exoskeleton casing to storage it when not in use. Best believe these headphones will surprise you as they did for me.

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Grabbing a pair of MDR10RBT out the box they scream premium. They have a nice clean finish and that compliments its soft foam cushion earcups. They are wireless and sync almost instantly via NFC. Sound is clean and crispy coming out its 40mm drivers and battery life is good pushing near 15 hours on a rechargeable battery. Volume and Music controls can be done all from your right ear cup.

Price:$199.99 – Buy Now


Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2

When you think of Bowers & Wilkins the words Grown and Sexy come to mind. With the recent release of their P5 series 2 over ear headphones they stuck to that winning formula. The second generation features an all-new drive improving the sound quality. Their high quality craftsmanship guarantees a comfortable fit. It truly is like your own personal concert on the go.

View: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2 Review
Price:$299.99 – Buy Now

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Sennheiser Momentum


The Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ears are maybe the best over-ears I’ve used to date. When they released the colorful, compact on-ear version I was a little skeptical. The Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears are not only fashionable but they have the same superb sound as there on ear’s with a lower price tag. Perfect for music enthusiasts that want quality, but don’t want to pay upwards of $300 for a quality cans.

Price:$129.00 – Buy Now


Bose QuietComfort 25

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Bose never seems to disappoint with their headphones and their QuietComfort 25 kick it up a notch. The noise canceling on the QC25s are incredible and the clarity and bass you get is excellent. The included carrying case looks of superb quality and shows Bose didn’t bare any expense. Earcups are cushioned and you can just see the premium quality when you first hold these in hand.

View: Bose QuietComfort 25 Review
Price:$299.99 – Buy Now


Plantronics BackBeat PRO

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One of the most featured packed headphones on the market comes from Plantronics. The BackBeat PRO caters to just about every need from them being wireless to having an over 24 hour battery life. We tested it and they weren’t exaggerating. Everything can be accessed on each cup from track skipping to volume control and even has a Open Mic option to tune the music down and everything else around you in. There is so much going up you’d have to read the review for more.

View: Plantronics BackBeat Pro Review
Price:$249.99 – Buy Now

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A brand you can always look forward to is SOL REPUBLIC. Their Master Tracks XC are given some fine tuning thanks to EDM artist Calvin Harris and they provide great clarity as far as vocals are concerned and pump just enough bass as well. Best thing about the XCs is that you can still swap wires and even other headbands as that what SOL REPUBLIC is typically known for.

View: SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Review
Price:$249.99 – Buy Now


Ted Baker Rockall


Combining Ted Baker’s eye for detail and ear for precision, these stylish over-ear headphones offer true hi-fi sound quality, foldable construction and a textured tangle-resistant cable. Made from brushed stainless steel and soft leather these are more on the fashion first side and you can tell when you look at them. Perfect for the fashion conscious music lover on your holiday gift list.

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Some of the most comfy earbuds to deal with come are the Relays from SOL REPUBLIC. They are designed with FreeFlex techonlogy as when inserting they bend towards your ear for comfort. They are water/sweat resistant for those intense workouts and the sound on them are pretty good. No distortion at high levels and clarity is there. They are their best earbuds in their arsenal and also come in four different colors to suit your liking.

View: SOL REPUBLIC Relays Review
Price:$79.99 – Buy Now

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Beats By Dre UrBeats


The Urbeats SE earphones come in 3 colors, Silver, Space Gray and Gold – matching the colors of the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The UrBeats are designed for music lovers who don’t sacrifice sound for style. They are durable and lightweight with a tangle free cables.

View: Beats UrBeats SE Review
Price:$99.99 – Buy Now


Meze 11 Deco

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Meze is a luxury lifestyle audio brand that focuses on headphones and earphones. Meze headphones embody the classical values of clarity, balance and harmony.

The Meze 11 Deco’s are handcrafted with aluminum and beech wood into a very stylish pair of earphones. The wood helps reproduce crisp natural sound. The Meze 11 Deco’s are simple yet with great attention to detail.

View: Meze 11 Deco Review
Price:$99.99 – Buy Now


JBL Synchros Reflect BT

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Looking to break free of wires? The JBL Synchros Reflect BT can be your savior and give you superior sound at the same time. The sound quality is what you usually expect from JBL and popping them in is a snap once you get the hang of it. The earbuds have ergonomic ear tips that curve into your ear and also around your ear canal. This is supposed to stop them from falling out once you get them adjusted. They have a built in battery and can be charged when you reveal one of the flaps on the earbuds. If you are interested in great tunes while working out the Reflect BT may work best for you.

View: JBL Synchros Reflect BT Review 
Price:$99.99 – Buy Now

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