List by Analie Cruz & Malcolm Batten

Stocking stuffers usually have a bad rap. But there are so many gifts that can make stockings special. Throughout the year we’ve had some hands on time with devices that are affordable and / or compact. These are some great choices for stocking stuffers.

iLuv Selfy Case


Holiday Stocking Stuffers - Apple iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6 Plus iLuv Selfy Case

For the person that enjoys taking selfies, you can get them the iLuv Selfy Case. It’s a case that has a remote built-in to the back of it. When you need to take a selfy, just slide the remote out and use it as a shutter. There are a few accessories to go with it, such as a tripod, bike mount, and helmet mount. I suggest making sure you know what phone your giftee has before purchasing.

Incipio Desktop Charging Station

Stocking Stuffers - Incipio Desktop Charging Station - Analie Cruz
This desktop charging station has 2 powerful USB ports that can charge 2 iPads at once (2.4A each). It has LED indicators on the side. Available in 5 colors, this is great for anyone since USB is universal. A stylish desk accessory!

Sol Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker

SOL-REPUBLIC_Punk_-Family Wireless Bluetooth Speakers - Analie Cruz
We’re advocates of Sol Republic products. Their latest speaker, the Punk is small enough to fit in a stocking but it doesn’t sacrifice sound. It’s wireless, and lasts up to 8 hours. The price won’t break your pockets and you have a few color choices to pick from

Best Buy Co, Inc.

TYLT ALIN Screen Protectors

TYLT ALIN Screen Protector Review Alignment Tool and screen protector
A small yet useful gift, the TYLT ALIN screen protectors are thoughtful. You’re thinking about your giftees phone protection. The TYLT ALIN screen protector is great for those who have trouble placing the screentprtoector on correctly. It has an alignment tool that holds the phone in place for you. The guide helps you successfully place the screen protector. Awesomeness

myCharge Talk and Charge

Holiday Guide 2014 - Stocking Stuffer - myCharge Talk & Charge - Analie Cruz
A portable battery pack is great for nearly everyone. the myCharge Talk & Charge is thin, lightweight and can charge most phones 1.5 times. It’s available for both iPhones and Android devices. It has technology that allows you to charge the bank and the device at once. The Android version has an extra USB port to charge from a cable (if that interests you).

BEM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Wristband

Stocking Stuffers - BEM Wireless Speaker Wristband 4 Colors
This gift may be a bit small in stature but I believe it packs a little punch. This is your own personal bluetooth speaker wrapped around your wrist. I know at least one of you wished you were one of those characters in “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” and have your own theme music as you walk through the hood. In 4 different colors you can do just that. You can make your stroll extremely fashionable. You can strap it on your wrist and pair it with any iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, any other Android device or any Bluetooth-enabled computer, laptop or MP3 player.



The MyCharge Energy Shot Portable Charger

Stocking Stuffers 2014 - White Energy Shot MyCharge iPhone

First off, I like the creative concept of this portable charger. Since there are millions of energy shot products from 711 to grocery stores for that extra “ummpf” to get you through work, exams, after that party life morning or whatever get you through the day. The same applies for charging your mobile phone or tablet. Your device needs a shot of energy. There are plenty of portable chargers on the market but I just think the MyCharge Energy Shot is creative. This is a compact portable charger, the Energy Shot Rechargeable 2000 mAh battery will recharge your smartphone, delivering that additional boost when you need it most. The MyCharge Energy Shot gives you up to 10 hours talk time It has a built-in USB Port for Smartphones. Just don’t go reaching for it after you’ve had a long night. I don’t think you want that kind of energy shot.

More info HERE

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JAM Transit Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds

Since I’ve become a gym rat I’m always looking for the best headphones or earphones to rock when I’m on the fitness grind. Especially if it lessens the complication of wires or perspiration from an intense workout has your earphone game on that”whomp whomp whomp whomp waaah.” I’ve never been an earbud kind of cat but these JAM Transit Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds were better than expected. These perspiration resistant earbuds deliver amazing sound via Bluetooth®, so you can rock out with your muscles out to your power playlist and the elimination of what we call spider webs aka wires. JAM Transit™ earbuds have a wireless range of up to 30 feet, include a built in microphone for taking phone calls and can play up to 6 hours on a single charge. Another cool feature is that a magnetic connection allows you to wear them like a necklace when you’re taking a break between getting abused by iron or running a marathon.


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