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When you hear Bowers & Wilkins, you can’t help but reflect on one of the top names in the luxury sound game. So there shouldn’t be any reason to believe that the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones wouldn’t continue the trend of luxurious and classic sounds that resonates from B & Dubb, right? (In my Thor voice) “Let’s take a gander!


The P5’s have that classic straight to the point black and silver look with a slight bougieness of drinking tea with your pinky up. The sheep leather cushions portray a fluffy pair cartoon slipper to the ears. I believe this assists with what could easily be defined as quality sound. The rim of the P5’s is also incased in sheep’s leather making it a comfortable feel at the top of the dome. The low-key headphones are attached to the ear pads with crafted aluminum. The microphone cable is Apple-approved allowing you to take calls and control your iPod, iPad or iPhone. But you Androiders can switch out the cable with the Android cable that ships with the P5 Series 2.

Specs & Features

Malcolm-Batten-Bowers-Wilkins-Review-P5-Series 2-gstyle-magazine-5Bowers & Wilkins happens to get a little prestigious in the P5 Series 2 although plush and comfortable are also detachable. The detachable pads are connected and held in place with magnets. B&W looks out for the consumer by allowing the consumer to change the cable, or replace them if they get damaged. Bowers & Wilkins question is. “Why buy new headphones when all you need is a new set of pads? ”

B & W used the same tuning team responsible for our flagship 800 Series speakers. The drivers are designed to work like a more precise Hi-Fi speaker. I believe that this magnifies the quality of sound. The grille pattern in pads assists in acoustically optimizing the P5 Series 2’s ear pads. Talk about the freedom of allowing air to systematically move through the pads bringing and reducing while minimizing the acoustic impedance.

Final Thoughts

I love the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series. They’re like a hybrid or in between headphones, meaning that they lie in the middle of over ear and ear bud headphones. It’s that great a median. You know like “The Three Bears and the porridge was juuuuust right? That’s what the P5’s is. That middle ground of pleasurable quality of sound. They are relaxing and great sounding headphones that put the “C” in chill. These are definitely on that cop-able status. If you’re a headphone connoisseur you need to add this to your collection. You can cop these directly from Bowers & Wilkins website and Apple store for $299. You could hit a couple of sites like Amazon and maybe get lucky. So reach out and grab that capital “C” in chill from that B & W Crew and P5 it out.

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