By now, you should all know that when it comes to quality headphones, everyone should be looking into a set of wireless ones. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be using wired headphones now, considering there are so many really good options out there that are quite affordable as well. Of course this means there might be a lot of names you haven’t heard of before, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. In fact, some of these lesser known brands bring some unique features to the table that some of the more well known brands don’t think of because they need something that will help them stand out. For instance, they BeeWi BBH300 Bluetooth Headphones. They may look like ordinary wireless headphones, but they feature a Hi-Fi docking station that will allow you to turn any home audio system into a wireless system.


The BeeWi BBH300 are very minimalistic styled. You can get them in either gloss black or gloss white. This pair I received are black with brushed metal accents. What makes the BeeWi BBH300 different from normal headphones is the fact that there are very little buttons on it. There is only one real button on the headphones and it is used to turn the unit on and off. Where are the rest of the controls then?

index_b_42BeeWii hid these using an ingenious touch panel. By tapping on a specific region of the panel, you can control various aspects of your audio playback. For instance, you can control volume, pause/play, and next/previous track. In keeping with the minimalistic theme, there are no marking at all for these controls. There is initially a thin piece of plastic covering the touch panel that tells you where to tap, but once this is off, you have to remember where the points are. It is a very interesting feature and keeps the BBH300 looking clean and sleek.

As for the rest of the design, the entire outer band and ear  cups are covered in gloss black. It’s very classy and elegant looking. The inside of the band however is matte black adding a bit of contrast to all the gloss.

The ear cups themselves are on ear units and covered in what I’m assuming is synthetic leather. They are very well padded and offer a good amount of comfort. The top of the band however does not have any padding at all. Instead, there is a strip of rubber that is there more for grip than comfort. It’s probably to help keep the headphones from sliding off your head. I’ll excuse the lack of padding though as the headphones are fairly light not at all uncomfortable to wear.

These do need to be charged if you want to use them wirelessly. What you’ll find interesting is that you can use these wired as well by plugging in the aux cable. The BeeWi BBH300 can function as wired headphones without power. This allows you to continue listing to your audio if you run out of power or it you want to use them with a source that does not have Bluetooth. One thing of note, using them wired renders the touch panel controls useless. The aux cable however does have an inline remote that allows for play/pause control.


Last but no least is the Hi-Fi docking station. I’ve never seen another pair of headphones include this, but you can hook up the Hi-Fi docking station to your home audio system. By docking the BBH300 headphones to it, it allows you to play audio from your Bluetooth audio source to your home audio system wirelessly. The dock will also charge your headphones at the same time.


If you’ve been keeping track, the BeeWi BBH300 has quite a few noticeable features. Its unique touch panel controls keeps things clean and tidy while the Hi-Fi dock makes the BBH300 more than just another pair of Bluetooth headphones. The headphones are also collapsible and fold for easier storage when you need to throw them in your bag. If you want to keep them pristine, the BBH300 does include a travel case for the headphones all all of its accessories.


  • Driver – 36 mm
  • Frequency range20Hz to 20000Hz
  • Impedance32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity100dB SPL max
  • Bluetooth Range10 meter / 33 feet
  • Battery Life18h play / 80h stand by
  • Color available- Black / White


I’ve never heard of BeeWi before, but these BBH300 are fantastic. They are small and light and look pretty good for a pair of headphones from a company I know nothing about. Not only do they look good, they also sound good. It has fantastic range with very clear lows, mids, and highs. This thing also pumps out a tremendous amount of bass, more so than many of the other headphones I’ve used in the past. It really makes your music sound really good, which was surprising, again because it’s from a company I’ve never heard of before.

index_b_53The touch panel controls on the side make for an interesting talking point and seem to function fine. However because of the lack of touch feedback, sometimes it’s a little hard tapping the right areas blindly.  Basically the controls are at the corners and at the middle but without actual buttons, it can be a bit hard to locate the points the first time. Also, you need to memorize what each touch point does as you will have no written indication after removing the sticker that comes on it. Once you get used to it, it’s not so difficult. It just takes time and usage to familiarize yourself with it.

The Hi-Fi docking station is also easy to set up and using it is quite simple. Since it basically runs off the Bluetooth from the headphones, there’s no extra setup necessary to get working.

Final Thoughts

Like many of you, when I purchase products, I usually try to buy products from well known brands. Usually this works out in my favor, although by thinking like this, I miss out on little gems from companies that are not well known. Case in point is the BeeWi BBH300. You are getting an incredible value for the price, considering how good these are. You get a complete wireless solution with the option of still being able to use them wired allowing them to work with older devices. Not only that, this is one of the only headphones I’ve seen that comes with a dock that allows you to turn your home audio system into a Bluetooth enabled one.

Overall, I can recommend these for those looking for something different. The BeeWi BBH300 is very classic and elegant looking thanks in part to its minimalistic design and appearance. These are one of the better looking headphones I’ve come across and I love how the touch panel controls keeps things clean and different.

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