VersePlantronics Well we made it another year. Not that I had any doubt of that. Earlier on Twitter (and Facebook mind you), I posted out it was our 8th B-day. Man time flies so fast I can’t even keep track of how long we’ve been doing this. But wow, nine years of this. Almost ten years since I registered that domain and started on a journey whose course has led to some great times and some rocky ones. In the 9 years of doing this, there have been moments where I’ve shouted to the roof top about #ThatGStyleLife and lived it up. Then there have been moments where I’ve questioned why am I even still doing this. But on this day, nine years from that registration day, we’re still here. I’m still here and I have every intention on still going.

This is actually a two-fold experience day. G Style Magazine was started in 2005 and it was the first, the flagship vertical in our network, shoot it was the only vertical in the lineup. Since then the network has expanded, we now have TechWeLike, and IslandChic77. And on the day of celebration of 9 years in the game and still kicking, I launched WalkItNation. From what was just a site that I wasn’t even sure anyone read to 9 years still in operation and a network of sites that followed, a lot has been going on. I know I’m going to keep pushing and keep expanding. We are going to keep bringing you what is fashionable in technology for another 9 years.

I do have to stop for a second, and acknowledge the phenomenal group of people I work with. At G Style some of the staff members who write the content you read on the daily basis have been with me since the beginning. These are rocks stars! They are smart, cool, passionate about tech and gadgets, and at the same time some of the same people you would come to when you need advice on good gadgets. I always say we are passionate consumers first, press/journalist second. We love gadgets, and recommend them based on our opinions, passions, personalities, and backgrounds. We have a great mix of people here, and if you could see some of our backroom team chats…man! These guys are based in several spots in the USA but we’re just one big family of friends. There is no other group of people I would rather be on this journey with! We are going to keep doing what we do baby! And hope you stay on the ride with us!

Now for the good stuff. It’s that time of the year, reversed b-day gifts aka giveaways. So stay tuned for the giveaways posts, and here’s to another 9 years!

Jason Anderson
Publisher / Editor In Chief

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