Miggo Strap & Wrap Shoulder  (1)While I loved cameras I never really got into them as much as I wanted to. Maybe its the variety of cameras out there and the little features each one brings to the table but since I got my hands on the NX30 by Samsung from an event they had back in the Summer I been a bit more into using these DSLR & mirrorless cameras.

One thing that I didn’t like about my NX30 was the strap that came with it. After using it the strap would come loose and I’d have to readjust it or keep an eye on it. I ran into Miggo back at CE Week and got a glimpse at their newest products which one was called the Strap & Wrap. How well does it feel into your camera lifestyle? Lets take a look.


SAMSUNG CSCThe Strap & Wrap by Miggo is a close to 31 inches long and about 5 inches wide. You can have it zipped all the way near the neck or down for more breathing room. I tended to opt for having it unzipped and in an around the shoulder method which you can see in pictures. While other straps would feel heavy and start to hurt the neck, the Strap & Wrap was pretty comfortable seeing as the material is made out of neoprene. How you attach the camera is at the base of the strap & wrap is an attachment where you can screw on your tripod mount on your camera. This makes it very secure and no chance of coming off. What you can as well is when finished with the camera you can essentially “wrap” it up with the casing and voila you have gone from a camera strap to a carrying case for the camera.


Miggo Strap & Wrapped Up (1)Essentially I didn’t expect to use it as much as I did but I have to say the Strap & Wrap did the job. I took it with me on my trip to Made in America in Philadephia which is a two-day music festival and felt good not worrying about my camera. No matter all the bumps I ran into my NX30 stayed nice and tight on the strap. My friends that I went along with loved it as well and made it cool for taking pictures and made it better for me as I didn’t have to worry about them accidentally dropping the camera or something. I didn’t really use the wrap feature too much. It’s a nice feature but for the stuff I was carrying made it too bulky so I tend not to use it.

Strap & Wrap Your Camera?

For what it does which is pretty simple, I’m a fan of the Strap & Wrap by Miggo. It felt good and comfortable using and kept my camera secure. It does come in a variety of colors which you can check out and see which suits your needs. Once again I wasnt big on the wrapping but that’s me and the small bags I carry as well.

The Strap & Wrap by Miggo is available for $49.99 and also comes in options for mirrorless cameras

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