Panasonic today unveiled something that seriously caught my eye in the form of the new LUMIX CM1 Smart Camera. Now I know we’ve seen other supposed smart cameras from other manufacturers before, but this will be the first for Panasonic. However, that’s not really what caught my eye. What really caught my eye was how unbelievably handsome this camera is and how thin it looks. I mean this is one stylish, modern looking piece of kit that doesn’t look like some cheap plastic toy or a “smartphone” with a lens attached to it. This looks like an actual thin camera that so happens to run Android. This is probably the most stylish camera/smartphone combo I’ve ever seen.

Of course looks aren’t the only thing that matters when it comes to cameras and luckily, the LUMIX CM1 seems to have the specs to back it up. It features a real 1-inch 20MP sensor which allows for true 4K video recording. It’s mated to a 28mm f/2.8 Leica lens that features full manual controls, 16GB of internal memory, and expandable with microSD support.

The only real negative is that the LUMIX CM1 is only scheduled to be released in France and Germany during Q4 of 2014 with no announcements set for release in other countries.

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