Today at GameStop EXPO 2014, Nintendo announced that the 3DS XL will be getting three special edition designs for the holiday season.

Depending on what you’re into the new designs can be collector’s items or an excuse to purchase the Nintendo 3DS system, either way they’re expected to be in high demand. The special editions will be the Super Smash Bros. Edition, NES Edition and the Persona Q Edition. All three are available for pre-order today.

Super Smash Bros. Edition Nintendo 3DS XL

The cover of the Super Smash Bros. Edition Nintendo 3DS XL, features a dozen of the game’s characters, including Mario, Link, Samus and Little Mac.

The Super Smash Bros. Edition Nintendo 3DS XL will be available nationwide for $199.99, on Sept. 19 in honor of the Oct. 3 launch of the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS game (sold separately).

NES Edition Nintendo 3DS XL

The NES Edition Nintendo 3DS XL is a GameStop exclusive modeled after Nintendo’s iconic NES controller and the box looks like an NES system. It will be available on Oct. 10 for $199.99.

Persona Q Edition Nintendo 3DS XL

GameStop will carry this exclusively in honor of the Nov. 25 launch of role-playing game Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. The design will have Grimoire styling on the front – the tome used by the attendants of the Velvet Room and containing information on the many Personas – and the new style of character art represented on the back. It will also be available for $199.99 and of course the game will be sold separately.

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