Moto X
On Friday in Chicago Motorola showcased some of their newest and best hardware for the 4th quarter. The highly anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch, The Moto G, and the newest version of their successful Moto X were all on display and Motorola impressed without a doubt. Of the all the devices that Motorola brought today the one that I was most excited about was the Moto X.

Last year’s version of the Moto X was a surprisingly well-rounded Android device with its mid level specs and simple design. It was easily one of the best and probably the most underrated smartphone last year. The key to the success of the Moto X was in its simple and highly customizable design and overall ease of use and the same remains with the new version. Just like its predecessor the new Moto X isn’t bogged down with some proprietary skin built on top of Android. It’s pretty much stock Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat and it functions exactly how Android is intended to. This is what I like in a smartphone, minimalism and functionality.

This new version of the Moto X from what I’ve seen is bigger than last years model at 5.2″ in screen size. The overall design remains the same with some very minor tweaks but Motorola stayed with the design that works functionally and visually. The Moto X got some hardware and feature upgrades and according to the specs it’s pretty much what you’d expect. It’s not a powerhouse and neither was it’s predecessor but the Moto X reminds us that top-level specs isn’t always needed when it comes to your smartphone. It just needs to do what you need it to, but if you’re interested in its guts then you check out some of the specs below:

Operating system

Android 4.4.4 KitKat®


Storage (ROM)

Std: 16GB

Motomaker: 32GB


Rear camera: 13MP F2.25

Front Camera: 2MP (1080p)


Speakers: front-facing and at bottom

MSM8974-AC 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with quad-core CPU



5.2” (423 ppi)

1080p OLED

Corning Gorilla Glass 3



BT 4.0LE

USB centered at bottom

3.5mm Headset Jack


2300 mAh

I can tell you with confidence that the Moto X is going to be a success because Motorola stuck to the format and made the new Moto X better than the first one. If you liked that then you should love this. This isn’t a full review of the Moto X this is just our raw first impressions of it, but we’ll have a full review for you once we’re able to spend some time with it so look out for that. The new Moto X is set to be released later this month although no official date has been confirmed and I’m pretty sure all of the major carriers will have it.

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