When most people think health and wellness tech they think of wearables. For the most part they’re right, but there is other tech you can have around the house to help improve your quality of life. One of those things is the Sharp Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Air Purifier. It promises to help create fresh air indoors by clearing away germ and allergens, with HEPA filtration and advanced Sharp PCI technology. I reviewed it for 6 months – how did it hold up through the Spring and Summer?


The front of the Sharp PCI Air Purifier consists of the Main Unit, Front Monitor and Main Unit Display. On both the right and left side there are handles making it easy for you to carry the unit. Below the top handle you’ll find the tank handle. When you open the tank you’ll find the water tank (for humidifying), filter for humidifier and humidifying tray.

The removable part of the back panel is filled with air inlets. You’ll also find a dust, temperature and humidity sensor. When you open the back panel you’ll find the true HEPA filter and washable deodorizing filter. The air outlet extends from the back of the main display along the top to the top of the back panel.

The front monitor is where you can get a visual “report” of the status of your unit. The dust sensor monitors the air and changes color based on air purity, water level indicator which flashes red when you need to add water to the tank, humidity indicator to give you the approximate humidity level in the room and a Plasmacluster indicator light that’s blue when it’s on and off when it’s off.


Sharp-PCI-Germs-tj-jordan-reviewPlasmacluster® ion technology is sometimes mistaken as the same technology found in an ionizer, a type of air purifier frequently found in the marketplace today. Ionizers add a negative charge to airborne particles, which makes them stick to furniture, walls, & floors. Only Plasmacluster® ion technology is proven to effectively kill germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and odors.

Here in Florida there is a huge mold problem. The PCI unit can reduce the mold level in your home to reduce the effects it has on allergies and your general health. Plasmacluster ions can also reduce odors embedded into your furniture, drapery; etc. further improving your quality of life. The filters don’t need to be maintained as much as some other purifiers on the market. The true HEPA filter and washable deodorizing filter can last up to 5 years and the humidifying filter up to 2 years.

The PCI unit has a lot of options and controls, but the smart controls make it easy to navigate and control. Even though the unit has smart controls, I found the operation manual to be my best friend. Speaking of smart controls, I was a bit disappointed that with all the technology in this unit it didn’t come with a remote, which would have made this even more convenient.

Auto mode cleans the air at high fan speed as necessary. The colors on the front monitor displays the air quality – green is clean, yellow is dirty and red is for extremely dirty. When the air purifier senses dust particles it automatically adjusts the fan speed accordingly. When the particles have been cleared the monitor will turn green again and the fan speed will reduce. In addition to being an air purifier the PCI unit also has a humidifying function. The humidifying function helps relieve sinus issue, dry eyes and dry skin. It’s Energy Star rated so you don’t have to worry about running it all day if needed.

Wrap Up

There are so plenty other specs I can add to the review, but bottom line is how it is to actually use it day to day. My son and I both suffer really bad allergies pretty much year round here in FL. I noticed a DRASTIC change in the frequency of our allergy attacks and use of Benadryl since using the Sharp PCI Air Purifier. I won’t say I didn’t experience any attacks all, but not suffering day to day or being kept up at night because of my sinuses is a welcome change. I have a very active teen so not smelling his sweaty clothes is also an added bonus.

Sharp has 12 different models air purifiers that use the PCI technology, including one small enough to fit in the cup holder of your car. They range in price from $149.99-$499.99. There are 3 different models using PCI that also have a Humidifier ranging in price from $229.99 – $499.99.

The model I reviewed is the KC-860U. The KC-860U is 15 ¾ in x 11 3/8 in by 24 ¾ in with a 6.5 foot cord and it’s suggested that you use it in a room up to 341 sq. ft. and is is available on the Sharp website for $499.99 with free shipping. You can find it on Amazon brand new for $393.99 where domestic shipping rates apply.

The size limitation makes moving it almost necessary in a house of allergy sufferers. The air purifier has handles, but weighing 25.8 lbs. it can be a bit of a task to move from room to room. Also worth noting this unit is not whisper quiet and there was a few times I had to raise the volume on my remote when it was in the living room, but after awhile you get used to it. Don’t get me wrong if placed next to your bed at night it won’t keep you awake it just takes some getting used to. Overall, I love the benefits I felt during my time with it and would gladly spend the money on Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Air Purifier – it pays for itself when I consider how much meds I’ve purchasing that this eliminates. I definitely breathed easier.

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