Nintendo aka the King of the portable has released screenshots and new information about the “new” Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL coming in October to Japan (sorry USA you’ll have to wait until next year). Its been awhile since the 3DS and 3DS XL have gotten a full makeover and what better time than now considering that the Wii U is getting killed in the market by the PS4 and the Xbox ONE with its disappointing sales.


What we know about the new 3DS and 3DS XL so far is that it will have new colored buttons that mimic the old school Super Famicom controllers. At least with the white and black version of the 3DS according to the pictures, the 3DS XL at this moment just has colored letters.

The new 3DS/XL now has the cartridge slot in the front as opposed to the back. Nintendo also added some additional shoulder buttons for a total of four from two previously. Rumor has it that Nintendo may have added those buttons for a possible New Smash Bros 3DS title and/or Gamecube remakes which may also explain the new “C” stick that has also been added to new 3DS/XL. That’s right the new 3DS/XL now has a second analog stick located on the upper inner right hand side of the portable just above the A,B,X,Y buttons. What kind of gameplay we’ll get from that second analog stick remains to be seen but it’s exciting.

The New 3DS/XL will be backwards compatible so no need to worry about what to do with your old titles, you’re good. Aside from the design and color changes the new portables will also see big changes as it pertains to its inner hardware. The new 3DS is boasting faster hardware for smoother performance and enhanced graphics for it’s newer titles. The 3D on the 3DS is also said to be much improved with much less of a weird, blurred effect when you use it. Battery life is much improved for the 3DS which averaged 3.5 hours previously, now becomes 6 hours and the XL averaging 3.5 hours now becomes 7 hours according to Nintendo.


Price ranges for both devices will stay pretty much the same depending on the retailer so thankfully all of these big new changes won’t come at any additional cost to you, so if you have an old 3DS or XL trade it in and save a few bucks. Nintendo isn’t the King of portables for no reason. If nothing else they get the 3DS/XL right and there’s NO comparison. It’s tons of fun to play even though some of the games might seem a bit childish but so what? That’s the allure. The inner child it brings out of you. These new 3DS portables are great and hopefully Nintendo decides to release these in the US just before the holiday season because I will definitely be getting one.

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