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I’m the kind of guy that likes to keep everything I carry around with me in my bag nice and tidy. Everything has its place and if it’s in the wrong place, I freak out. Everything has its own pocket, sleeve, or case and that’s how it is for all my stuff. I even keep cables out of the way and neatly rolled up into a zip lock bag so they aren’t all loose and tangled. Of course a zip lock bag is a low tech way of keeping things tidy, but it’s not very stylish. Also, zip lock bags aren’t what I would call very durable and rip after a while. That’s why I decided that I needed some kind of pouch that I could use to carry my various chargers and cables all in one neat package that was also stronger and more attractive than a plastic bag. That’s when I discovered that WaterField makes the Cable Guy Pouch, a pouch to hold all your miscellaneous stuff that you would otherwise just keep around in a plastic bag.

A quick contact to WaterField and a few days later, a brand new, handmade Cable Guy pouch was in my possession. The Cable Guy pouch comes in three sizes, small (8.5″ x 5.5″), medium (10.5″ x 6.5″), and large (14.0″ x 6.5″). The one I chose was the medium pouch, mainly because I have a lot of gadgets and a bunch of different cables and plugs I need to carry around when I travel. I say travel because that’s when I actually end up carrying the most stuff.

WaterField Cable Guy Pouch Review - Open

The medium sized Cable Guy is larger than I thought it would be, but that ended up being a good thing as I ended up with a lot more cables and chargers than I initially thought I had. This is a double sided, zippered pouch with 2 pockets in each section. Now to give you an idea of how much this can hold, I’m able to include my MacBook charging block and extension cable, iPad charging block, iPhone charging block, various charging cables, two backup battery packs, some extra thumb drives, extra SD memory cards, and there’s still plenty of room to cram even more stuff into it. It holds all this stuff and it does it in a neat and tidy way. The zippered pockets keep your stuff from falling out and the pockets inside help desperate everything and keep things organized. This is great for travel, especially for those who bring a lot of gadgets with them.

WaterField Cable Guy Pouch Review - Slots

This is a very heavy duty pouch that is made from quality materials. Like a lot of Waterfield products, it is made of ballistic nylon. That means it is strong, will last through a lot of usage, and should provide a good amount of protection from environmental hazards. It uses high quality YKK zippers to keep everything secured inside. On the inside, each compartment has two pockets (total four) made of mesh fabric. These will hold a variety of different items and can stretch to accommodate odd sizes.

Final Thoughts

The Waterfield Cable Guy Pouch wasn’t something that I thought I needed before as I was the type that would just carry around all my loose stuff in zip lock bags to keep them organized. However, that’s not always a great idea as bags can break and they really offer little protection for what’s in them. Also when you end up carrying around multiple zip locks, it ends up not being as organized as you originally thought it was. With the Cable Guy Pouch, I’m able to hold all my loose accessories  in one handy pouch while still having it all organized thanks to the healthy amount of pockets and zippered compartments. It really is a must have pouch for anyone who has to carry a ton of chargers, cables, and other miscellaneous stuff.

WaterField Cable Guy Pouch Review - Zipper

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