H1A7153_mix_largeAstro Gaming announced their new beta program for the USB Tx peripheral, made especially for their flagship A50 headset. This is the second beta program Astro Gaming has conducted and let fans try out a pre-production release of the USB Tx months in advance before the final hardware ships. This will allow Astro Gaming to collect feedback from real users in order to make slight tweaks and updates based on user interaction.

Here is a description of what the new USB Tx actually is:

The USB Tx enables gamers with an ASTRO Gaming A50 headset to wirelessly connect to the PC for the ultimate PC gaming experience. Broadcasting with Advanced Kleernet 5.8 Ghz technology, the A50 + USB Tx power combo allows gamers to roam wire-free up to 15 meters from the device, all while surrounded in Dolby 7.1 Digital sound.  Powered via a USB port, PC gamers without an optical port can game using 1/10th the power required to charge the average smart phone, all while conveniently accessing game-to-voice balancing and other MixAmp™ controls on the A50 headset itself.

The beta program for the USB Tx will be available to fans for $40 as opposed to $50 for the final hardware. Of note is the fact that this is pre-production hardware fans will be purchasing so keep that in mind. Astro Gaming will however allow those who purchase, the opportunity to keep the beta device once the program concludes or, return it and pay the difference for a final product, or return it for ASTRO store credit. Remember, you will need an A50 headset to make use of the USB Tx.

For more information about the Astro Gaming USB Tx and the beta program, check out the official site here.

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