After being chosen “Get In the Game” (44:58) artist by MTV’s Rapfix for ‘Women’s History Month’, Twisted Irish boss lady Tese Fever returns. This time she teams up with HOUSE Records’ producers David Knocks and A&R Vic with a blazing track called “Fever” to let her competitors know she is taking the #1 spot whether you like it or not.

I’ve mentioned Tese Fever a few times here on G Style, not just because she’s one of my favorite lyricist but because she’s dope. Just before I went on summer hiatus I was sent her latest single, Fever. My apologies for not getting this out to you all sooner.

Check out the single, Fever, then check out her bio below to get even more familiar:

Tese Fever
Track Title: Fever
Producer: A&R Vic and David Knocks (HOUSE Studio DC)
Location: Washington, DC (via Fredericksburg, VA)

Tese Fever’s Bio

Raised in Fredericksburg, VA, Ikea ‘Tese Fever’ Ashton began rhyming at the tender age of 8, due to inspiration by older brothers. Honing her craft throughout her teenage years, Tese’s rhymes consisted of bouts of pain and anger. She made a name for herself throughout the DMV with the release of her first downloadable mix tape, ‘Stance Of A Fallen’, in 2010. The tape went on to be nominated for 3 DMV Music Awards- including ‘Best Mixtape’- a category in which she was the only female artist nominated. Since then, Tese has went on to create a record label- Twisted Irish Music Group- and on March 12,2014, she was the featured ‘Get In The Game’ artist on MTV’s RapFix Live with Sway. Manager and reality TV Production connoisseur Mona Scott Young praised her for her ability to stand out from men and embrace her femininity yet still gift the ability to be taken seriously in hip-hop. She is the first female artist from her hometown to be featured on MTV.

Are you feeling feverish?

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