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Long time favorite here at G Style Magazine, Vizio has updated its M-Series line with some new features worth noting. Again with this being Vizio, you’ll be getting the latest features and best in class pictures quality at a very affordable price. One of the reason we are such big fan of them here. You can have a stylish set with great features, without breaking the bank!

With the 2014 M-Series 2014 collection Vizio adds in Full-Array LED backlighting and now up to 36 Active LED Zones. Why with all the mumbo-jumbo, why is all that even important? With Full-Array LED backlighting, this allows for stunning picture quality, with an even distribution of LEDs across the entire screen for a more evenly lit picture, enhancing its light uniformity. With the 36 Active LED Zones, consumers will notice higher contrast thanks to LED backlighting that dynamically adjusts to match the content onscreen, creating deeper, more pure black levels and brighter, more vivid details. What what does all that really mean? Simply put if you want to get HDTV set that had deeper images, superb image quality, and really want to see the colors look impressive on the screen…all for a good cost; then you need one of these new M-Series sets in your life.

M-Series Lifestyle_3 The 2014 collections comes in sizes ranging from 32 inches to about 80 inches. And that price range goes from $329.99 to $3199.99 at the top end. And don’t even get me started on the sound-bars that were demo-ed for me as well. Seriously though, Vizio had some of us visit their nice hotel suite recently for a demo of these new M-Series models and the quality when compared to a similar Samsung model type was distinctive. While colors on the Samsung came out too light or slightly washed-out, on the Vizio had great color tone and depth to it. It was those small details that really shaped the experience. But yet check it out yourself and let us know what you think!

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