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I always wondered for years why there are so many people that use their Internet Service Provider’s email account as their main. Is it that it sounds better when you send it out to someone? From some of the ones I seen and used you don’t get but so much functionality out of it, let alone storage space. Plus one of the deciding factors for me to never deal with ISP email accounts is if you decide to cancel the services nine times out of 10 you will lose the email services as well. Take for instance Time Warner Cable, as soon as you disconnect your internet, your stacks of emails will go poof. The same happens with Verizon unless you decide to pull off some “Buy a Domain” and port your email address over move.

There are so many other email options which seem to provide better stability and more access on a mobile basis. Some good ones are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and even AIM to name a few. They are the top ones out there in regards to usability but of course others may have their own favorites. Most will give you vast amounts of storage options, and their spam filters are usually on point. I myself have been a staple of Gmail since it debuted back in private beta form back in late 2004. It was something new and as time progressed I started to move myself from Yahoo/Hotmail. I have emails saved on there since I used the service and can still access them to this day easily through their search options.

I just feel in the year 2014 ISP email usage should be a thing of the past and people should steer towards free services. Because like I said, if you leave them most of the time you can take anything with you.

Are you a ISP email user? Or do you use one of the various email provider options? If so why?

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