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Back when the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 were launching, we expected those. What was surprising to us all was this circular Samsung device called the Samsung Gear Fit. This device looked like it was created to take a chunk out of the fitness band market which has been run mostly by various FitBits or one coming from Nike with their FuelBand. Giving some time with the Fit, is it able to outrun the competition?


Samsung Gear Fit (9)The Gear Fit has a 1.84” Curved Super AMOLED Touchscreen Display and is resistant to water and dust with a IP67 rating. Meaning you can take it on some strenuous sweaty workout and don’t have to worry about damaging the product. The band is made out of a silicone rubber which can be closed with two metal notches.

I would have preferred a latch like on the Gear 2 models as I felt they were more sturdy than this. While the Gear Fit never came off I was worried at times that it would. If you want to change the wristbands you can easily pull it off and swap it with another one.


Samsung Gear Fit (3)The Gear Fit has easily become one of the sexiest looking fitness bands on the market thanks to its gorgeous display. There is nothing that compares to it bar none. If you want to access options you can scroll either left or right on the display. It can take a slight getting used to navigating the Gear Fit being that the screen is so small. Wallpapers look nice on them if you can find one small enough and it can contribute to the size and design.


I wore the Gear Fit daily whether I was at work, sleeping or traveling everywhere. Battery seemed to last pretty good with the device giving me a couple of days of usage. Leaving it idle for close to a week, it was still up and running with some battery life which is good. I did feel like it was taking a significant amount of battery power away from the Samsung Galaxy S5. The battery seemed to deplete more with the Fit then say the Gear 2.

Functions such as the Heart Rate monitor worked fine(if you really need to use it) and Find my Device was good as well using it on the Fit and on the S5 when I have misplaced it a couple of times. Pedometer on the Fit is unfortunately totally inaccurate in all its step counting. I could easily shake my arm a few scenarios and steps would be taken. I wish there was features to adjust this but sadly there isn’t.

Fit to Kick the Bit?

Samsung Gears (3)

It’s a great looking fitness band and up there as one of the best to see on your wrist. Battery life is great on the Gear Fit whether in an active or idle state. The band could be a bit more controlled and hopefully some more secure options become available. Features such as the pedometer are wrong and need adjustments if you are trying to workout properly with it. Pricing at $199.99 isn’t all that bad, but makes you figure why not grab the Gear 2 Neo which gives you all the same options plus WatchOn and a Music Player.



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