Samsung Gear Neo (3)

While everyone has been focusing on the Samsung Gear 2 with its camera and the Samsung Gear Fit being a fitness band competitor, there is the third part of the equation no one has been paying attention with the Gear 2 Neo. Some wonder with the Gear 2 is there really a need for this device and if so whats so good about it?


Samsung Gear Neo (6)The Gear 2 Neo is almost identical to the build of the Gear 2 except instead of a metal body its more of a plastic material. Also omitted from the Gear 2 Neo model is the camera. What they do share still is interchangeable wrist bands, 1.63” Super AMOLED display (320 x 320) and is IP67 for dust and water resistance.


Software is exactly the same as the Gear 2 so this is a copy of what was referenced there.

As mentioned earlier, it’s still a Super AMOLED display and nothing else is touching it on the market at this point(well besides its Gear Fit model). Software wise it’s not running Android as it previously was, but instead its now using Tizen. Tizen is Samsung’s own OS. If you are familiar with Samsung devices or the first Gear it won’t make a difference to you. Added features with the Gear 2 is a Music Player, WatchOn Remote, and Heart Rate monitor. Samsung has tried to make it so you aren’t always attached to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and do simple things without having to constantly reach over. The features work as they should though I rarely use them much.

What’s great to see with the Gear 2(and was a bit late on the original Gear) is all the functionality it presents. You can read your messages whether they are native or from various apps and they will pop right up on the screen. This was heavily needed on the Galaxy Gear but by then the ship had sailed. I mostly used it notifications for Hangouts, FB Messenger, Twitter and Instagram. They would come right up, give you a number to how many there were and you can read them in its entirety.


I put in work on this as much as I did the Gear 2 and it worked pretty well. The non-metal body made it slightly more comfortable and the fact there wasn’t a camera on this model, I didn’t even miss it. Very rare have I used the camera on the Gear 2 or even the original Gear unless it was an area I couldn’t take my smartphone.

Best of the Gears?

Samsung Gears (3)

At the price of $199, it becomes $100 cheaper than the Samsung Gear 2 and you are getting close to the same features minus the camera. It pricing also aligns it with the Gear Fit but you seem to get more functionality with the Gear 2 Neo then the Fit. WatchOn, Music Players, and stronger latch for the band. Sure the Fit looks sexier but it will pass with time. I’d have to say the Gear 2 Neo maybe the best of both worlds with its features and pricing.

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