You guys know me, you know I tend to have a lot of gadgets with me. How I store them on the go is always at the top of my mind, and is something I’m constantly on the hunt for a better way. This is especially true when it comes to bags. While I will use a messenger bag here and there, I’m really a backpack guy. When I move around during the week I’m normally a walking mobile command center and need a good backpack to haul the items that make up this command around. For me a backpack just gets the job done, so you’ll always see me on the look out for a better backpack, especially as my needs evolve. Before I just need a good bag to carry my gadgets, but not as I have evolved and I work out a lot, my needs have changes again. Now I need a bag that can carry all my gadgets, plus some work out clothes (without having to stuff the bag), and feel good on my back when wearing. This my friends is where I think the Drifter from STM Bags comes in.


STM Bags - Drifter Bag Review G Style Magazine The Drifter bag is part of STM Bags Annex collection, which is meant to be chic, cool and urban meets high tech and comfortable. When it comes to how they describe the Drifter bag, STM says “The drifter is like your favorite pair of cargo pants; easy to wear, pockets in all the right places and comfortable to boot. A hint of retro design yet space for all the daily tech needs. Room for work docs, gym gear, lunch, umbrella, water bottle, etc. It’s a thoughtful pack – lightweight despite its size and capacity.”

If you notice the words I highlighted in bold, this was exactly what I was looking for. I asked STM Bags to send a Drifter over to see if it could live up to that description and be just what I needed. Drifter comes in graphite, red, and olive. They sent me one in olive which definitely isn’t a color option I would have chose myself. I normally would get a black or gray colored bag. But looking passed the olive color, the Drifter bag definitely does look like a pair of cargo pants as described. The material is soft, light, and feels comfortable. Like a pair of cargo pants it has TONS of different pockets. I moved all my gear from the backpack I was currently using and was able to place every items in the pocket available in this bag. After all the items were places, I hadn’t even put anything in the main backpack storage area. This was great!

The Drifter backpack looks so comfortable and nice, that I quickly got over the olive green color and actually began to like it. It is good from time to time to step out of your normally color palettes and try something different. If you are looking for an airy, light feeling and comfortable backpack, this is definitely a contender.


STM Bags - Drifter Bag Review G Style Magazine - Open Now I’ve been using this backpack for just about 3 weeks now and I love this thing. I wear it everyday. I can fit all of my gadgets, and I mean laptop, tablet, external charges, cables, PS Vita, phones, and other non tech items in this all in separate little pockets. And when it comes time for gym day I can easily fit in my shirt, pants, and some sneakers if I wanted to in the main compartment. Plus it getting warm on some days now, and I have found that I needed to pack away my leather jacket when it was too warm. I have some much space in the main compartment, backing it away there is easy and adds no extra bulk to the bag.

Some of the things I like about the Drifter besides the from factor, is the chest strap for extra support and it is adjustable, so you can slide it up and down to make sure it is truly supporting your chest. On the hot days we have had recently, the 3D foam mesh back panels with air-flow channel have been essential. And on the rainy days, I have certainly made use or the detachable rain cover that pulls out from the bottom of the bag and has keep my bag completely dry. Yes it looks like a shower cap, but if has kept cargo pants looking bag from feeling a drop of rain and that is appreciated. I mean why chance it when I hauling around all of my tech goodies.

This bag has become my daily driver, olive green color and all. I seriously love this bag. The only negative thing I have for this bag is the compartment where I storage all my external chargers and cables in. this is on the under side of the cover. Since I have so much stuff in there, it tends to dip my bag over when the top cover it open. Of course if I didn’t have too much stuff there, it might not be an issue but it is annoying none the less. But that is my only gripe. Otherwise this is a bag I love.

Wrap Up

The Drifter has a name that suits it. This is a bag you want with you if you are carrying some tech items and need to bring some changing clothes with you as well. If you are will be on the go this a bag you want to have with you. The Drifter bag will step you back $169.95 on the high end and $139.95 on the low it, depending on what retailer you buy it from. Check out more and the rest of the Annex collection over at

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