I’m sure by now some of you have seen the movie Transformers. If so you know BumbleBee is shown off as a Chevy Camaro, and Bee definitely looks good as a Camaro. But if your like me, you remember classic BumbleBee as the Beetle. Yes in the first Michael Bay Transformers he was a Beetle, but an old dusty looking one that Sam didn’t want to be seen in. Well now that the 2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR is around, maybe it’s time we return to the classic BumbleBee we all know and love. Take a drive me with me and see for yourself.


20140405_120052_928 I’m not going to lie when BumbleBee was changed to a Camaro, I was all for it. For one the Chevy Camaro is hot, and two the current model of Beetle out when Transformers came out in 2007 wasn’t exactly a Beetle I would want to be seen driving either really. I totally understand wanting to be changed into a Camaro. But now fast forward to 2014 and the GSR Beetle has some definition to it. With the 2014 Beetle GSR, the look has been sharpen and given some edge to it. It has went from something that looked very flower child, to a car that you could blow past the flowers in. So fitting that the one we received came in yellow and black. From the moment I seen this and my daughter (a Transformers fan as well), our first reaction was BumbleBee. While some might see the Beetle and think meh, I see this instantly thought it was cool. It is like getting to take the classic BumbleBee for a spin sans the talking to you and transforming into a huge robot part.

The racing stripes looked good with the general color and the new shape of the Beetle definitely looked good with some edge to it. On the inside the leather buckets seats with the yellow stitching match exterior nicely. Along with all the GSR badging, the Beetle GSR model gives it a more macho appearance that earlier generations. Altogether giving you a Beetle that you wouldn’t mind cruising around the streets in.


20140405_120603_167 The Beetle GSR does cover all the teach features needed in-car made for 2014. Bluetooth functionality (both phone and music) is present, as well as satellite radio. While all of this is good, the user interface for this in the Beetle is an odd one. Not necessarily bad, just odd. It I was going to build an UI for my media interface, I might of just went in a different direction. It gets the job done for sure, but just looks weird while doing it. Getting passed that though, the Fender Premium Audio System with 8 speakers plus subwoofer is a nice touch to the GSR. The sound quality is excellent and the bass does kick. As someone who loves listening to their music while driving, the GSR did not disappoint.

Other cool features on the tech side would be the ambient lighting, there is only 3 colors to choose from, but always a nice touch to add to the visuals in the car as you move around at night. Also included is Keyless access with push-button start, and of course power windows.


20140405_115937_756 Driving the Beetle GSR was definitely fun! I was happy that instead of a manual transmission, it was an 6-speed DSG automatic transmission with Tiptronic and Sport mode. Don’t get me wrong manual cars are cool, but in the city that is a low of leg work to get around, so I was happy to just let one foot do the work that week. The car is nice looking and though some people might turn their noses up at a Beetle, the new look is much more appealing than before.

The GSR has great acceleration and held its own as I dipped around, plus add in that yellow and black color, and I was in Transformer nostalgia. I was so waiting to catch the car transform one evening lol. You definitely want to give this one a spin before you lay down any judgement!

Wrap Up

Staring around $29,995, the Volkswagen Beetle GSR isn’t on the more affordable end of cars, more mid priced. I do wish it was a little lower in price, as there are other choices you can make for that price range that might be a little better. Did I enjoy my time with the GSR? Indeed I did, but that price would keep me to wanting to rent it from time to time and not own it.