Back in 2010 we started a new section on G Style called Street Series. This section was to be an all video series which we would try to do weekly on the site. The Street Series was to be for unsigned or signed artists with great talent and we wanted to showcase them doing their thing or in a studio working on new music. This could be from all walks of life with street performers or artist in the studio hoping to get a deal or deciding to go the independent route. This was the idea, however due to poor timing and execution at the time, it never really kicked off like I hoped.

But enter in Google Glass and Lo Anderson. With Google Glass, I now have a piece of recording tech that is easy to always have around and on within a moments notice. This is exactly what happen today as I was riding the shuttle train back from Times Square to Grand Central, I came upon Lo Anderson (no relation I don’t think lol), and she had a great sound, I was inspired to fire up the Glass and capture her performance. Afterwards I got her information and express my enjoyment of her performance.

Lo Anderson and her group You Hear Chocolate can be found on Facebook at Facebook.com/youhearchocolate. I’ve reached out to Lo Anderson via email and hoping to do a follow-up on her and her group soon. Stay tuned guys!

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