CAM00009One of the most influential letters of the alphabet and sound JBL are at it again. As one of the pure quality sounds in headphones, speakers, etc in the game, JBL blesses you with a beautiful option of listening to your favorite music via Bluetooth. The light but heavy in sound headphones restores your faith in the Bluetooth Headphone game.The comfort in the feel and the sound seamlessly blend to give that heavenly bliss of music synchronicity (Pun intended). Already on its quality sound shiznit, JBL introduces the JBL Synchros S400BT Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones.

So let’s face it I’m already expecting a great sounding product since those Harman/Kardon Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones help restore my faith in Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones. These headphones are definitely G-Stylistic that falls in line with some of the hottest headphones floating through the electronic buyer’s euphoria. As for intros clear is the word, the sound, the vocals and the Bluetooth for the Synchros.



JBL S400BT Upright White
The JBL Synchros S400BT are sleek design with a lightweight look and feel. For that easy shut it down or pack up and rollout moment, both earpieces are on an easy to maneuver swivel to neatly place in an attractive carrying case. The black and grey comes off with coal metallic look if that’s even possible but it works. It’s easy to adjust for your comfort. The JBL logo is large but not obscene just like the flow of music through the headphones. I’m not gonna front, the LED lights surrounding the rim of the JBL Synchros is pretty hot when using Bluetooth.


Specs & Features

Synchros Black RedOf course hands down no issue and the sound is great when the headphones are plugged directly into my iPod. The greatness doesn’t stop there. Once I paired my iPod to the JBL Synchros, no let down. The sound is just as full as when its connected via cord. Now if you want to adjust the volume you can slide your finger up to increase the volume or slide your finger downward to decrease the volume. With the S400BT’s you can pretty much do everything without touching your iPod. To skip through tracks, just slide your finger forward to the next track and slide your finger back to listen to the previous track. The NFC capability and connection was flawless.

Now what could’ve been a deal breaker didn’t bend nor break. The sound quality when answering a call is one the best I’ve come across on the headphone Bluetooth circuit. I was able to involve myself in a conversation with clear and concise quality. It’s as simple as pressing the middle of the headphones one time to play/pause, answer/end call or reject a call. There weren’t any delays when I took an incoming call. The other party could hear me just as clear. After ending the conversation the transition back to my tunes was smooth as a C.L. and Pete Rock.

Final Thoughts

Synchros Layout w: Case
(In KRS-One’s voice) “The J the B the L the J the B the L the J the B it’s Synchros, it’s Synchros.” Excuse me I was just rocking the Blast Master on the Synchros S400BT. If you’re in the market for a good pair of Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones the Synchros are it. They are very fashionable and comfortable without that heavy feel of your ears perspiring from listening for long periods of time. There isn’t much of a drop from cordless to attached headphones.The sound is phenomenal and I love the freedom of the wireless controls allowing me not really need to pick up my iPod unless I wanted to check the time, text or just gaze upon its glory. I suggest you be a Cop-enhagen and cop these joints. You can grab a pair at for $229. On the count of three, Synchro your sound. One, two….eh just get a pair and stop playing.

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