Spider’s Realvoice headphones are in-ear monitors (IEM’s) that are designed to give you an “in studio” feel. After trying the Spider PowerForce Headphones and being thoroughly impressed I wanted to see if the company can make the same magic happen with in-ear headphones.


RealvoiceThe Realvoice earphones I received to review are black with chrome detail but it also available in black on black.

The inline mic/control talk button is all black while the Y-Splitter and chin slider are chrome.

You’ll find the Spider logo on the Y-Splitter and circular disc detail located next to the ear bud.

The wires are very thin, possibly thinner than you may like and don’t feel like they can withstand much tugging or rough handling. I’ve used these on and off for over a month and have tossed them from bag to bag and had no issues with the wires but I’m still as careful as possible.

Four pairs of silicone ear buds come with the earphones S, M, L and Double-Flange all in black as well as a zippered carrying case.


I tested these earphones with 3 main songs- How Many Drinks by Miguel, It’s the Weekend by Netta Brielle and No Church in the Wild by Jay-Z and Kanye West. The best sound was surprisingly with No Church in the Wild. The bass was just a hair below overwhelming which isn’t a bad thing. The mids and vocals take precedence in all the tracks I listened to, even far and beyond the 3 main tracks used.

With How Many Drinks I had to adjust the EQ on my iPod to balance all the levels out. Eventually I got frustrated changing it for every song so I just turned my EQ off. With no EQ I started noticing the vocals were either so crisp they sounded completely isolated from the music or the mids overpowered the vocals.


  • 12.5mm Neodymium driver designed for balanced, high quality acoustics
  • Vertical earphone design delivers a high-definition and broader sound stage
  • Noise-isolating technology that fully isolates outside noise and enables a deep bass experience
  • Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire (CCAW) voice coils for accurate and linear response
  • Universal Inline Microphone (Music Play/Pause, Phone Calls Pick up/ Hang Up)


Overall the Spider Realvoice earphones aren’t bad especially for $69.99. My biggest annoyance while reviewing these was no matter what size ear bud I tried they did not stay in my ears. I don’t know if maybe it was the review unit (sometimes review units may vary slightly from what’s available for sale), or just me but I didn’t get to fully enjoy the earphones as I would when I have reviewed others in the past.

I can think of a few other in-ear earphones in this price range I would recommend over these like the id America Metropolitan’s and the Sol Republic Relays.

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