While at CES 2014 I did my best to avoid what seemed to be booths on top of booths of iPhone cases. All types of styles and sizes and many of them started looking alike. Even with cases everywhere there was one company that stood out to me – Accessory Export. Accessory Export sells phone cases wholesale but sell retail under the company Empire Case.

Cute Camo Stud Case

EMPIRE SIGNATURE - CUTE CAMO STUDThe case that stood out to me the most was the Empire Signature Series Slim Fit Case-Cute Camo Stud. One of the models in the booth had this case and it caught my attention two booths away. I was surprised at how well made it was and the stud accent just sealed the deal for me.

Inside is a felt lining to help protect the device and adds minimal bulk to your phone. The raised edges helps protect the sides of your phone without disturbing the face of your phone. It’s snap on case design makes all ports accessible. This case is available for Apple iPhone 4/4S, Apple iPhone 5/5S, Apple iPhone 5C, Google Nexus 5, HTC One, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S4.

This case includes a microfiber cloth, clear screen protector and can be picked up for $14.95.

Glitter Glam Case

EMPIRE GLITZ SLIM-FIT CASE GLITTER GLAMThis case adds a little glitter to your phone. This hard shell case is constructed of soft touch polycarbonate material.

Like the Camo Stud Case there are raised edges to protect the screen and sleek design adds no bulk to your device. It also has a fleet inner lining and includes a microfiber cloth and clear screen protector.

In using this case the worry for me was the glitter would rub off and get into everything. Even though the glitter portion feels a tad like sand paper when I scratched at the surface none of the material came off and left my purse and every other surface glitter free.

You can pick up this stylish case in Hot Pink, Gold and Silver for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, HTC One (also available in Purple), Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S3 (also available in Teal) and Samsung Galaxy S4 (also available in Purple) for $14.95 each.

At a price point of $14.95 you would expect the quality to be less than desirable. I was pleasantly surprised that the cases withstood my daily trips, bumps and occasional fall overs and stayed in tact. They have cases for phones that you wouldn’t normally find a case for like the LG G2. The only con I could see is that some people might not feel their phone is thoroughly protected by a snap on case which is fine since they are so many other styles to choose from.

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