Bluelounge Sanctuary4
I have a lot of gadgets and more external battery chargers then any human should ever have. Since I moved recently, I seem to have less sockets and/or they’re located in inconvenient places – enter Sanctuary4 from Blue lounge. The Sanctuary4 from BlueLounge is a 4-amp charger that let’s you quickly charge up to four devices at once.

The Sanctuary4 comes with one 8” Charge and Sync Micro-USB cable and includes four USB ports so you can use the cables that come with your devices.

The Sanctuary4 has a glossy base (black or white) with a black matte top surface where your gadgets will rest. On the lid’s back you have a black rail you can adjust to give upright or angled support making it convenient to charge any mini or full size tablet.

The internal power source is optimal when used to charge 2 iPads, an iPad and 2 iPhones or four iPhones at once. Keep in mind you can charge any device that uses a usb connector to charge so I’m sure you can swap out iPad for any other tablet and android to replace the iPhone. I primarily used it to charge my iPad, HTC One and iPhone 5 simultaneously.

Sanctuary4 acts as a hub to charge all your devices in one place. At just under 9” all around you can use this in any room in your house as the design is also aesthetically pleasing to most decors. Check out the video below:

You can pick up the Sanctuary4 on the BlueLounge site for $99.95

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