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Nowadays more and more people are on the fitness kick and there are a lot of those that use music as their way to zone out while pumping some iron and shedding those pounds. While some like to use earbuds to workout in as its little cumbersome, there are a few that prefer over the head or on-ear headphones. Now wearing these while working out can lead to a vary of things. Excessive sweating from the head, or even damaging the headphones themselves as I have seen countless times from others. Soul Electronics look to combat that issue with well their over-ear headphones called the Combat+. Made for high performance whether you are in the gym, on the field or just going through your daily commute, the Combat+ are made to go places. Now we check in to see if they last while breaking a sweat…


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The Combat+ has an interesting build to them all throughout the headphones. The headband has an opening to keep your head breathing and cool so you don’t get excessive sweat. The earpads are replaceable and come in two styles. Mesh and Comply. Mesh is supposed to be better for absorbing sweat and can be easy cleaned off thanks to the material. Comply is more of a memory foam material. It is the more comfortable of the two and comes to your ear for a great fit. The Combat+ come with a flat audio cable which is always welcome in any circumstance. Attached to the tangle-free audio cable is of course 3 button iOS controls and a in-line mic. I have used the mic for various conversations and been pretty good. Also when you open the box, the Combat+ come in a huge carry case. Best thing about the Combat+ headphones and wires are its sweat resistance but that’s the reason you are checking this out anyway right? They do come in three colors of Black, Green, and Blue. They don’t have the flashiest or most outlandish design compared to other headphones unless you happen to add the splash of colors with the other two options.



The fact the earpads are pretty huge they go over my ears just fine. Thus providing a pretty decent surround sound experience while I run through different tracks the Combat+ such as “We Were Rock & Roll” by Janelle Monae and Kelis’ “Jerk Ribs”. The mid and highs are great listening to the tracks and provide nice detail but could be a bit sharper. While I feel they could use a bit more bass in my opinion though. They are good at isolating music out based on the design and covering your ears completely. As this worked for both convos and music listening.



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Whether going for a quick run or even wearing them in the crazy snowstorms we had in New York City over the past couple weeks the Combat+ have held up reasonably good. While running they never seemed to fall out-of-place or provide a discomfort on my head. And as I mentioned I did wear them in the snow as it wasn’t heavy but seeing how “sweat resistant” held up which isn’t exactly water-resistant but they did the job. I wouldn’t recommend trying them in the rain. It was a matter of getting caught in the snow at the time. Otherwise they are a nice pair of headphones to work out and should alleviate some of that stress that those other headphones can be giving you and you not even noticing it. Another thing is switching the pads while easy just makes me feel like im going to break them each time I pull them apart. A big press or latch would been better but then that may of taken from the overall design build.


Combat Ready?

If you are tired of ruining your headphones or looking for a more comfortable snug feel then the Combat+ maybe up your alley. They aren’t flashiest pair of music cans compared to other headphone makers but can get the job better then others. For $199.99 you get a durable pair of over-ear headphones with interchangeable earpads which work depending on your exercise workout routine.

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