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Phiaton is a company relatively new to the high end headphone game. When you think of high end headphones the usual suspects always come to mind such as Sennheiser, Bose, Technics, even Monster. Well, over the past week I’ve been using a set of Phiaton PS-210 BTNC bluetooth headphones and I’ve had quite a good experience.





Phiaton PS-210 Bluetooth Headphones


When I first got the headphones and I opened up the box, I took a look at them and I wasn’t sure what to think. I’ll have to admit they looked a little cheap. I guess in these particular headphones Phiaton didn’t pull out the stops on the design and it showed. Phiaton took a very simple and minimalistic approach in the design of the PS-210. It’s very basic. You have your power and noise cancelling toggle switches on the right hand side, your volume, skip track toggle and phone connect buttons all in the front. On the back end you have your holding clip and on the underside you have your micro SD charging port and headphone jack if you opt to not use the bluetooth. That’s it. Simple.






As with all Bluetooth devices you need of course to pair it with the device your going to be getting your sound from and this always a painless process, no exception here. I connected it to my Nexus 5, my iPhone, my Macbook Air, my iPad, my Desktop and in all cases it was easy to do.


Phiaton PS-210 Bluetooth Headphones - Toggle Switches - G Style Magazine The function buttons on the PS-210 for the volume and skip were a little stiff and sometimes unresponsive, I had to really push the switch up sometimes to get the volume to raise and lower. For the most part I used my phone to change volume levels and skip tracks so it made that toggle switch useless after awhile. I would have preferred rubber buttons as opposed to the metal disc style toggle switch that the PS-210 comes with but for a uniform look I understand why it was done this way. It wasn’t a dealbreaker just an occasional nuisance.



Phiaton PS-210 Bluetooth Headphones  Holding Clip - G Style Magazine The holding clip was the part I loved about the PS-210. I was able to pair my headphones put my headphones in my ear, clip the device to my coat or my shirt inside my coat and I was ready to go. Totally wireless. I do wish there was a little more tension to the clip that made it just a little bit tighter because sometimes it would shift a bit and once or twice it fell off completely and was just hanging. Overall though I loved the clip and it made using these headphones a breeze.






Audio / Sound

Phiaton PS-210 Bluetooth Headphones - Earbuds - G Style Magazine The sound on the PS-210 is where I’m most satisfied. The headphones that come with the PS-210 are a little weird in how they’re shaped. They’re off center and point downward which some may find strange and a little uncomfortable, but for me they work perfectly because my ears stick out and earbuds have always been an issue for me. Once I turned on the noise cancellation and my music played I got some really good sound.



Nexus and Phiaton 2 Bluetooth Headphones I use the Nexus 5 as my everyday phone and those who own one know that audio is not one of it’s strong suits. The audio on the Nexus 5 kinda sucks but with the PS-210 I was able to get nice, loud and crisp audio . The audio was just right for me. Not too bass heavy, it didn’t have any weird surround sound effect. The vocals  were right on on level with the track. I put my Beats and Sol Republic headphones away and i’ve used these ever since (at least when using my Nexus 5). On the iPhone the sound was a little louder but not necessarily better. The sounds are going to vary according to the equalizer and the app that you use for music so you can personalize as you see fit.


Phone calls on the PS-210 weren’t too bad either. I was able to talk on the phone with ease like with any bluetooth earpiece or headphone set. Occasionally some of the people I spoke to lost me from time to time and complained of an echo sound but overall the performance was solid and voice was clear and audible. No real complaints here.




The Phiaton PS-210 are a very good set of headphones. They’re portable, it comes with a nice leather case, they can be used via bluetooth or through a standard headphone jack. You get pretty good sound out of them depending on your phone or audio device and you won’t really have too many complaints.

I’m not so sure they’re worth the price at $159.00 on and $129.00 on Amazon that I’ve seen. It’s a little steep for a set of headphones that look and feel kinda cheap. As always the choice is yours.



  • Really good audio
  • Crisp phone call audio
  • Portable
  • Nice leather carrying case and extra earbud replacements


  • Not cheap
  • Design looks cheap
  • Feels cheap
  • Earbud design is strange
  • Low Bass


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