Just heard this mentioned on the radio this morning and while they played the track, because of censorship edits, it was hard to get a true feel for the song. So I hopped on the PC and took a look at the video. Nicki releases something more hardcore than what she has been putting up recently. Definitely less pop feel to this one and more hardcore rap. This song is called “Lookin Ass Ni***s” and could be on her upcoming “Think Pink Print” album.

In this she is calling out guys who typically hit up her and what could be said most women. Guys who talking that big game, but now really living it. Some of her lines include “Look at ya’ll lying ass ni***s / talking about it’s paid off but it’s financed, lying ass ni***s/…Look at ya’ll sharing one bottle in the club/ one bottle full of bum ass ni***s”

This one is definitely aggressive, what do you guys think?