Since I now work from home full time I find that I spend the majority of my time in my home office. I never realized how much I print and scan until I had to start buying my own paper. My printer was on the fritz when Epson was generous enough to send over an Epson Expression Premium XP-610 Small in One for me to try out (opinions are all my own) – but after a 3 month test drive how did it pan out ?

What I learned from my previous machine is setting up a printer can be a headache. You usually have to run a disk, pray is Mac compatible, connect it via cables and wires and after an hour your system may or may not be connected. After all that where are you going to place said printer is another issue. With the XP-610 I didn’t have any of these problems.

Set up with the XP-610 was simple and completely wireless. On the 2.5” LCD screen I found my home wi-fi network and connected all my devices and laptops found it immediately and connected.


  • Consumer-rated unbeatable photo quality — stunning photos and sharp text; professional looking CDs/DVDs
  • Ultra-powerful performance, ultra-slim design — get all the tools you need, while saving valuable space on your desk
  • Perfect photos made easy — Auto Photo Correction and red-eye removal, with and without a computer
  • Versatile paper handling — auto 2-sided printing and dedicated photo tray
  • Borderless 4″ x 6″ photos — in as fast as 20 seconds
  • Ultimate wireless printing and scanning — share one Small-in-One printer at home; includes Wi-Fi Direct TM 3 for network-free printing
  • Epson Connect — easily print from iPad®, iPhone®, tablets and smartphones
  • Easy PC-free photo printing — built-in card slots 5; plus 2.5″ LCD with touch panel to preview, edit and print photos
  • Smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant photos — worry-free handling; share photos or archive important documents right after printing 6
  • Brilliant results, smart value — individual ink cartridges; replace only the color you need


With a price tag of only $150 ($95 on Amazon), I expected barely average print quality –but was amazed at how it ran circles around my previous printer, which was twice the price. Also, unlike my other printer when one color, of the 4, ran low the printer was still operable. Almost as soon as you hit print your copy is ready. The Expression XP-610 is very fast and efficient and of course since it’s Epson it also prints pictures.

If I was going to complain it would be that it didn’t have a fax – I may be the only person left that still sends faxes daily so this may not be an issue for anyone else. If you’re looking for a printer to add to your home office or a way to print pictures for your scrapbook the Epson Expression Premium XP-610 Small-In-One would be a perfect fit.

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