LeToya Luckett – ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ [New Music]

LeToyaLuckett Former Destiny’s Child member LeToya Luckett has definitely worked to stay a part of the scene. Though it has been some time since we’ve heard anything new from her, she has returned with a new one that is sure to get some buzz. Her latest single, a first off of her forthcoming album “Until Then” is called “Don’t Make Me Wait“.

This infectious track has has her man knowing she is ready, and she knows he is too. She let’s him know that she doesn’t want to have to wait.

While the song itself is a lot shorter than most tracks, I would put this on interlude or maybe extended interlude status. But regardless, this is a track I would like to add to my collection. The sad part is that is it currently only available on iTunes, and not Google Music otherwise I would have added it already.

What do you guys think? 


[First Seen on NecoleBitchie.com]

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