SOL REPUBLIC Relays (13)

SOL REPUBLIC is a company that always wants to try something new in the world of headphones and lately ventured into the wireless market recently with their DECK bluetooth speaker and the Tracks AIR headphones that came out over the past couple months based on a deal they have set up with Motorola. While they have made improvements to their headphones line, their in-ear headphones or rather earbuds haven’t really gotten much love lately besides the Jax that came out during the summer which haven’t been one of their best.

SOL has decided to reach out to the sports/exercise market this time with their Relays. The Relays are set to be all purpose whether you’re doing a crazy workout in the gym, taking those long rides on mass transit or just want to jam out. Like I said before I wasn’t too hype about the Jax, but the Amps are still some of my favorite earbuds around based on the sound and comfort presented to my ear. Now was the Relays able to replicate this?


SOL REPUBLIC Relays (8)The Relays are similar to the Jax & Amps with you getting two earbuds that have SOL etched on the front and around that is what a plastic material SOL REPUBLIC calls “Freeflex”. It allows for easy insertion and removal in the ear, and I have to say these earbuds are rather comfortable. Also incorporated in the design has made them water/sweat resistant which is excellent for working out and earbuds are some of the best to use when doing so. I never understand how people wear over the ear headphones when trying to work out, but maybe it helps burn a sweat faster. One thing I do miss from the Jax is its flat tangle free cable. With the Relays they are prone to get tangled up at times. Otherwise the SOL REPUBLIC Relays overall design brings some pizazz to your usual boring earbuds lifestyle.


Once I placed the Relays in my ears, I was able to separate all the other noise around me and focus particularly on my music listening alone. The sound isn’t too overwhelming and there is any type of distortion when cranking the sound up. I wouldn’t suggest but doing so at a respectable volume or could damage your ear drums. Jamming to Beyonce’s “Love on Top” I’m able to hear crystal clear voices as she sings all throughout the track as well on “Drunk in Love” with husband Jay-Z rhyming furiously all over the pulsing beat.


There is no better way to test headphones with your surroundings then New York City. I have done everything from running to long rides on the train and never heard a peep from around me and they never came out my ear or provided discomfort. They maybe my favorite in-ears from SOL REPUBLIC at this point and the pricing alone of $79.99 are great in itself as well as being available in four different colors. Something you can work out in and still use them on the go and look good doing it is impressive.

If you haven’t had the chance, grab a pair of SOL REPUBLIC Relays and run some laps.

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