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Meet the new “Neighbors” official trailer


Funny crazy events take place when you have a couple newborn living next door to a rambunctious fraternity house in this upcoming comedy featuring Seth Rogen(This Is The End, Superbad) Rose Byrne(Insidious & Insidious: Chapter 2), and Zac Efron(High School Musical series and 17 Again).

Throughout the trailer we see The Randers as one of those bored stay at home types especially with the birth of their first baby. They see some neighbors moving in and of course being that they look all hip want to embrace them and welcome them to the neighborhood. As it starts to unravel they see are a frat house that loves to play loud killer music and have crazy parties till the crack of dawn. Kelly & Mac(The Randers) wont go for it and try to hush the new neighbors which results in a battle between the two houses.

If your a fan of movies such as This Is The End, Superbad, Pineapple Express and others featuring Seth Rogen expect alot of comedy and even some that maybe a bit off the wall such as them taking airbags and placing them in the weirdest places to cause destruction to Mac Rander.

It does looks pretty funny and I see myself heading to the theaters to catch it.

“Neighbors” is set to hit theaters on May 9, 2014.

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