Harman:Kardon BT
Looks like the flood gates have opened on headphones to be wireless and Bluetooth compatible. So why not look at, I mean listen to the luxury sound of Harman/Kardon’s Beautiful/Sound BT premium wireless over-ear headphones. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of sound in Bluetooth mode. Bluetooth in the headphone game has a very selected few in which there isn’t much of a let down once the I should say headphone umbilical cord. You know the enormous quality drop or loss of sound.


At first look the Harman/Kardon Beautiful/Sound Bluetooth wireless over-ear premium headphones look odd. It has a kind of almost rectangular shape with a spare metal headband. I was worried that they would fit awkwardly on my head but they are quite comfortable. This sleek black and steel design gives it that relaxed artistic look if that’s even a description. The attractive steel trimming projects coolness. The Beautiful/Sound headphones are lighter than you would imagine and the chord is a fashionable black and silver with the sliver connector connecting to your music device. These really isolates the sound of your favorite tunes. Don’t let the squareness or rectangular affair fool you because these are an adjustable set of headphones to rock some tunes with a fashionable sound.

Call Quality

Harman:Kardon BT Open Box One of the better quality Bluetooth headphones I’ve come across. I paired the Harman/Kardon Beautiful/Sound Bluetooth with my LG G2 to listen via Google Music and it still held its own. I guess I’m always skeptical of Bluetooth headphones because the first series of Bluetooth headphones that hit the market. I wasn’t too impressed. They often lacked quality sound but they have increasingly gotten better and these a pair that have. So now lets go to the quality of answering a call in Bluetooth mode…..(brah-da-da-ding, brah-da-da-ding) Hello? I could clearly hear the caller and they responded that they could hear me just as clear. Harman/Kardon Bluetooth FTW. You can charge the Bluetooth with the USB cord but even if the headphones Bluetooth battery dies you can still plug into your music device directly and it will still work unlike some other Bluetooth headphones.

Type over-ear
Cable 4′ 7-1/8″ (1.4m)
Charge Voltage 5V
Nominal Voltage 3.7V DC
Frequency Response 16Hz – 20kHz
Driver 1-5/8″ (40mm)
Bluetooth frequency range 2.4GHz – 2.4835GHz
Transmitter power <3.0mW Modulation GFSK/ ? /4-DQPSK/8-DPSK
Bluetooth Support Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, A2DP v1.2, A VRCP v1.0,
See more at: Harman Kardon’s Site

Final Thoughts

Even though I’m familiar with Harman/Kardon luxury sounds from luxury vehicles, they got it right also on the Bluetooth headphone game. These would be a great Christmas gift or just a great gift for any music enthusiast who loves the purity of sound through a great pair of great sounding headphones with a cool carrying case. You should cop a pair. Regular price is $249 but you can get it on sale at HarmanKardon.com for $199.

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