iphone5s_saturnSpigen is well known for making top quality cases and accessories. They are easily one of my favorite mobile accessories companies to date. When they sent me over their Saturn Case for iPhone 5/5S in Metal Slate I expected greatness, but did they deliver?


The Saturn is a unibody snap on case with top and bottom opening giving easy access to on/off button, earphones and cables. This protective case consists of both polycarbonate and aluminum parts perfectly designed to fit the iPhone 5/5S.

The back panel is aluminum with a diamond cut design and metallic finish that doesn’t alter much of the original look of your gorgeous iPhone and the slim fit doesn’t add much, if any, bulk.

Being the klutz that I am on my last trip to NY I dropped my iPhone 5S in an elevator and was scared to see if my phone survived. Admittedly, the Saturn suffered a ding or 2 in the polycarbonate side – but my phone is unharmed and that’s what matters most.


  • Form-fitted Design for iPhone 5S / 5
  • Diamond Cutting Aluminum
  • Light and Slim Fit
  • Anodized Metallic Coating
  • Lightning Connector and Lightning-to-30 adaptors are compatible.


I love the Saturn case so much that I purchased 2 additional ones. One in Saturn Silver to match my white iPhone 5 and when I upgraded to the iPhone 5S in Gold, of course, I purchased the case in Champagne Gold. The Saturn case matches so perfectly that people often think my phone is naked. Aside from the Saturn branding along the back it’s hard to tell.

If I had to complain it would be to say that I am used to my Spigen cases coming with Home Buttons, but it was obviously missing when I purchased the Champagne Gold – of course it makes sense since you would be unable to use the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner if you used one. Duh!

The Saturn case is available in 6 six different colors currently on sale via the Spigen site for $21.99 or from Amazon for a smidgen less.

Metal Slate Spigen Saturn Case for iPhone 5/5S – Metal Slate

Satin SilverSpigen Saturn Case for iPhone 5/5S – Satin Silver

Champagne Gold Spigen Case Saturn for iPhone 5S/S – Champagne Gold

Metal PinkSpigen Saturn Case for iPhone 5/5S – Metal Pink

Metal RedSpigen Saturn Case for iPhone 5/5S – Metal Red

Metal TealSpigen Saturn Case for iPhone 5/5S – Metal Teal

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