Like I (and some of my colleagues) always say, headphones are like shoes. You can never have enough. Headphones manufacturers have a lot to compete with. Do they emphasize, on style? Portability? Quality? Design? Dedication to benefit a specific genre? After testing quite a few headphones this year, I’ve come to realize that not all headphones are for all genres.




Looking for INEARPEACE

I was immediately intrigued by OM audio’s INEARPEACE headphones. The name was quite unusual for me. What do they mean by INEARPEACE? That music brings you peace? That these headphones are very comfortable? I’m always a bit skeptical about in-ear headphones because I have this weird problem where one ear is fine, but the other ear just doesn’t stay put. I’m learning how to play with ear tips to fix the problem because it can really improve sound quality. So what did the Om INEARPEACE bring to the table?





Let’s start off with basic appeal. These headphones look plain and simple in the small little box. The box is cute though. The headphones are placed in a black foam that show both the length of headphone and the OM Audio logo on the back of the headphone. They look simple and clean with enough stylish flare.


Once you tug (very hard) the headphones to get them out of the foam, you notice the dual colored flat cable. I am a HUGE fan of flat cables. Why, because they are less likely to tangle. And if you know about my purse, I need flat cables that don’t tangle. The cable is sturdy and can handle my tugging and everyday life bumps. The silver and black combo is pretty and not over the top.


The cable has a slider to keep them under control. The cable could be a bit longer but I’m used to dealing with that size. On the cable there is an in-line control button with one button and microphone. The button is big enough to find easily and control the music with easily. Good job on that


INEARPEACE In-line Microphone controls


The ear buds themselves are pretty small. Or at least they seem pretty small right out of the box. The tips that they come were suitable for me. But what I feared the most was the length of the ear buds. They look like they would be sticking out of my ear, so much that they would keep falling out. Like I stated before, the ear buds have the OM Audio logo on it. There’s a silver lining around the edge. I like the design.



Finding INEARPEACE Experience

I honestly don’t expect much from in-ear headphones. It’s not because they can’t provide, it’s because they usually don’t seal out background noise or don’t have enough power. When they do have power they distort. The mishandling of music also gets tiresome because in ear headphones aren’t the most comfortable.




OM Audio said in their press release for the INEARPEACE that the pressure relief system would prevent fatigue even after hours and hours of music listening. I’m always up for a challenge. What do they mean by pressure-relief system? They mean that with the reduction of air pressure in the ear canal, you will feel more comfortable allowing for painless music listening. As always, I say that the ear tips of headphones is what cause my problem of comfort and long periods of music enjoyment. I made sure to test out the tips and found that ones that came on the headphones are just fine.



The moment of truth: I put the headphones on, went to my music app and hit play. I played Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean:



I’ve only heard the song a bazillion times, so I know what to look for. I left the volume at medium level was surprised at how clear the music was even at this volume. The snare drum comes in nice and clear.  The keyboard comes in creating a nice melody. The voice was natural sounding over the beats and melody. I cranked it up a notch since I don’t listen to music at mid-level volume and the voice was still powerful. But now I notice the bass strength. This bass was great. The backup harmony is also noticeable and not drowned out. It was the type of accompaniment that made you realize the quality of the headphones.


The best thing about the bass on the INEARPEACE was that it didn’t drown out the voice. It also went great with the melody. There is no muddy sound whatsoever. I mean none. Even the highs are crisp. Even at higher volumes the bass didn’t waiver off. That was impressive. There’s little to no hissing on the INEARPEACE at high volumes.



Will These Earbuds Give You “INEARPEACE” ?

Don’t be fooled by the simplistic look of these headphones. They are more than $80. These bad boys will run you $149.99. I think they are well worth it. You get accurate sound, clear bass and a comfortable listening experience all around.

You can buy the OM Audio INEARPEACE headphones from Amazon HERE

Visit OM Audio’s official website HERE


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