If you’ve used any type of computer in the past, you’ve probably worked with a mouse. These little devices have basically been around since the damn of the graphical user interface and in my case, I can’t even remember a time when I had a computer that didn’t have one. For the most part, the basic mouse design has stayed virtually the same with most of its updates over the years being that of functionality and accuracy. Aside from that, the design itself hasn’t changed much nor will it really change much over the next few years. Now that’s not to say there aren’t devices out there that try to break the norm of what a mouse should look and feel like and lucky for you, I have one here today to show you. What I have here is the Penclic Mouse R2, a wireless mouse that is like nothing you have ever seen before. If I could best describe this device, it would be like a cross between and traditional mouse and that of a stylus input.

Design and Build

The Penclic Mouse R2 looks like a tiny mouse at the base with a fountain pen attached to the top of it. I don’t mean like one of those cheap ballpoint Bic pens either. This one has the shape and girth of one of those high end fountain pens you see executives carrying around with them. The base portion of the Penclic Mouse R2 acts as a regular mouse and is used for navigation.

penclic-r2-webjpgThe “pen” portion of the Penclic Mouse R2 is divided into 2 sections. The top of it is a high gloss black while the bottom portion is matte black, featuring a rubberized soft touch coating. The bottom portion features 5 buttons that act as traditional mouse buttons. The main button (index finger) is used as the “left-click” while the two smaller buttons (also index finger) on top are used for “right-click” and the “middle -click” functions. The other two buttons, (which are thumb buttons) are used for back-click and forward-click when browsing websites.

The base of the unit has the scroll wheel which is located to the right of the pen portion. The scroll wheel is strictly for up and down scrolling. Also located on the base of the unit is the USB port used for recharging as well as the on/off switch underneath the unit.

In order for the Penclic Mouse R2 to interact with your computer wirelessly, you’ll need to plug in the little nano USB receiver so your mouse can communicate with your PC or Mac. It should automatically install the drivers needed to make the Penclic function.

I will say that the Penclic Mouse R2 is really interesting in its design. I haven’t seen a mouse design like this before and it’s kind of refreshing that someone would even dream of trying to improve upon something that most never thought really needed improving. The Penclic certainly is a talking point though when people see it as I will guarantee it’s something that most people have never seen before.


IMG_6894To say that the Penclic Mouse R2 takes a bit of time to get used to is pretty accurate even if you used a stylus input before. The Penclic Mouse R2 requires that you hold it a certain way in order for it to be comfortable and all the buttons accessible without having to move your fingers into odd positions. For me, I held the pen part with my index finger and thumb while steadying the base with my ring finger and pinky. My middle finger rested on the scroll wheel. After adjusting to the strangeness of it all, I actually felt quite comfortable using it, although I had to train my fingers to the new button layout.

Whether or not using the Penclic Mouse R2 over a standard mouse is any more or less comfortable remains to be seen. I never really had any problems using a regular mouse so it was never an issue with me but after using the Penclic Mouse R2 for about a week, I can sat that it is just as comfortable to use once you get used to it. It is very different from what you may be used to so different people will adjust to it differently.

Final Thoughts

The Penclic Mouse R2 is definitely an interesting device. For those who are comfortable with using a mouse, this might not be something you’ve ever even thought of needing. For those who suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury, you might want to take a look at this as it is touted as a way of eliminating RSI. For me, I just think the Penclic Mouse R2 looks darn cool and is actually really comfortable to use once you figure out a comfortable gripping position.

I must stress that this is a device that really takes some time to get used to, especially if you’ve been using a regular mouse all your life. You’ll need to dial in every aspect of the device, from the angle of the pen grip to the DPI setting on the software. It’s not something you’ll get used to in a day. Just keep that in mind when you first use it.

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