godzilla2014_poster2Its been over 14 years since had the last Godzilla film and I think its time as I remember Diddy and that music video more then the actual movie itself starting Matthew Broderick. Legendary Pictures is helming this project alongside Warner Bros which track record has been stellar especially with them previously working on similar sci-fi monster flick “Pacific Rim” which showed off impressive reviews from critics and may spawn a sequel.

So this is going to be reboot of the franchise as the older one didnt do so hot even though there was a short lived animated cartoon(I sadly tried to watch) that came on around its time. Just like any movie trailer where there is a big creature involved Godzilla is teased all throughout and we have no idea exactly what he will look like. Hopes are high on this one and hopefully the studios can get it right this time.


Godzilla hits theaters May 2014.

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