Took me a little while to get to this, but I’ve definitely been using the Fitbit Force activity tracker daily. I started using Fibit devices back in August of this year and this included the Flex and the Aria WiFi scale. Since then Fitbit has changed my daily habits when it comes to eating and movement. I definitely try to walk more or find more ways to keep walking, and the scale helps me keep track of my stats with weight, BMI, and Body Fat percentage. So when I heard that the Force was coming out, I had to get my hands on one!

Why The Force?

FitbitForce-4 The main reason I needed to get the Force in my life is because of what it combines into it. I picked up the Fitbit One for the misses so I would have a competition buddy to challenge myself against, and while I loved the Flex it was the Fitbit One that made me jealous of it. You see the one does the same thing the Flex does but for me had a few things that the Flex just couldn’t do. This included tracking the number or stairs you climbed, pressing a button to activated sleeping mode instead of having to tap the device (which sometimes was a struggle), and the ability to SEE the stats without having to always launch the app. These features make me jealous of the one, especially when at the time syncing wouldn’t work with any Android device I owned. I had to either walk around with my company’s iPhone to sync up current stats or wait until I got home and used my laptop.

The Fibit Force takes the best of what is the Flex and the best of the One and combines them a forceful combination! The Force give me the wrist wear like the Flex, but also the visual display, stair climbing tracking, and one button push to activate sleeping mode like the One. Plus makes it a decent digital watch as well!

The Experience

FitbitForce-2 The Fitbit Force comes in a slightly bigger package than Flex in both size and thickness. At first I thought this might be a problem since I was use to the size and weight of the Flex. But after a couple hours wearing it, it was quite comfortable. The hardest par with the Force was at once just trying to clasp it onto your wrist. I had read a review by Brian Bennett on the Force and he mentioned it was difficult to get on. I thought to myself well I’ve been using the Flex, so I’m already use to the motion of how to get it on. Well let me tell you, it was quite difficult to get on at once. The clasp did indeed feel quite different and it was a challenge at once getting it on in one smooth motion.. But again it was just a matter of time, as after a few days I was able to get the Force on in a smooth motion. I do still have issues from time to time, but never unsuccessful in snapping it into place.

Once I got use to the Force, using it was just as simple and easy as with the Flex. You basically put it on and let it do what it needs to. It syncs with your phone (best with iOS, getting there with Android) and then all your data is available to view from the mobile app or website. My preferred method of checking of course is now directly from the Force’s screen. Being able to simple push the button to toggle through the screens I can quickly see my steps, distance, calories burned, next alarm time, and stairs climbed. So this is definitely the device you are looking for if you wan to keep track of your progress without always reaching for the phone.

Wrap Up

There are some differences though with the Force. For one it will set you back $129 as oppose to the $99 cost of the Flex. And instead of pulling the unit out of the Flex band, you will need to take the Force off and plug it in as a whole unit into the included charging cable. The Force also right now only comes in Black and Slate, with no hope of swapping out color bands like the Flex.

Is your serious about tracking your stats, then the Force is the way you want to go. It has the best of both worlds, in a price that isn’t too bad, and the batter will last you about a week before you will need to charge it again. I use this device personally everyday and only take it off when I shower. You can even shower with it, I just happen to choose not to. But I wholly recommend this device if you care about your fitness and activity tracking! Check out more at

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