I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and think it’s a pretty great device for anyone who wants something with a large screen and a unique stylus accessory. The problem with it is that there really does not seem to be very many cases available for it. In fact, it took me a little while before I found the iLuv Flightfit for the Galaxy Note 3. The iLuv Flightfit is a dual-layer protective case that also includes a built in stand for hands-free landscape viewing of media on your device.

Design and Build

The iLuv Flightfit arrived to me in a stylish looking black and neon yellow color combination. It’s a form fitting case with two layers of protection. The inner layer (neon green) is made of soft, shock absorbing TPU. The inside of the case is textured with a really nice looking design, even though you won’t be able to see it once the phone is in it. The outer layer (black) is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate that has a very glossy and smooth to the touch. It has almost a mirror like finish to it which also means that it’s a fingerprint magnet and constantly needs to be wiped down if you want to keep it clean and nice looking. When the two layers are combined, it gives the entire case a really cool look to it. The neon yellow from the TPU adds some very nice contrast to the glossy black making it a very good looking color combination.

flightfitOn the back of the polycarbonate layer, you’ll find the built in stand. All you have to do flip it out and it secures itself into position. There is only one viewing angle you can use and luckily, it’s at a decent angle that works. In viewing position, it’s pretty stable and won’t tip over although since the stand is made of plastic, just make sure not to push down on it too hard for fear of maybe snapping it off. Overall, the stand works well for when you need one and stays out of the way when you don’t.

The iLuv Flightfit of course has all the proper cutouts necessary for the Galaxy Note 3 to function. The volume and power buttons however are covered up by the case but the case has its own buttons that go over it for easier use.

I will say that once the Flightfit is securely on, it fits like a glove. It does add a bit of depth to the Note 3 but not much in height and width. The front part of the case does wrap around a bit around the screen of the Note 3 so it allows for better screen protection when you have your device face down. The only downside to the case however and I would say would be an issue with any case made for Galaxy devices is that when you want to pull the sd card out, you have to also take the case off.

Final Thoughts

As one of the few third party options for Galaxy Note 3 cases, the iLuv Flightfit is pretty good. It’s well made, fits like a glove, and really doesn’t add that much more extra bulk to the Note 3. There isn’t a screen cover on the case however like some other ones you may have seen so you’ll probably want to add a plastic screen protector to it just as an extra layer of protection.

The iLuv Flightfit is available in 4 different color combinations: white, black, grey, and purple. They retail for around $30.00 which isn’t that bad for a dual layer case with a stand.

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