The iFrogz Chemistry series is line of sleek, glossy cases that cradle your phone and protect it from dust, scuffs, and scratches with bright fun styles that show personality. While the Chemistry is available in few color and pattern combinations – I was sent over the Chic Chevron to review. Is the Chemistry collection more than a pretty face? Let’s see:

Style and Design

The Chemistry collection is made of durable yet simple TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) plastic. The Chic Chevron looks very artsy in that it looks hand painted with soft hues of marigold, pink, turquoise and grapefruit (peach-pink). Although it looks glossy it doesn’t feel slippery at all but slides easily into your pocket. Each case wraps snugly around your phone with a little overage around the edges protecting it against daily bumps, dings, and scratches. I find the overage plays nicely against the Dynamic iOS7 wallpaper.


The iPhone 5/5S snaps easily into the case and still allows you access to all the ports, camera and speaker. I haven’t tried the case with any docks, but although the case is slim since the bottom of the case isn’t open you may need to remove prior to docking. The interior is cushioned making me feel secure about it bumping around with all the other gadgets in my purse and the occasional knock and bump off my desk. This case is fun and practical. I also appreciate the artistic hint added by the hand painted look. It doesn’t make me look ridiculous or like a tween when using this case even though the colors are cute.

Overall, I really like this case. Some may not like the fact that it doesn’t come with a screen protector but with a price tag of $24.99 it’s inexpensive for all the added benefits you get with the case. See the video below a short video:

It seems the Chic Chevron is currently out of stock on the iFrogz site, but the other designs are currently available.

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