As if I already wasn’t feeling misery about my current situation. Okay maybe I should back up a little first. I recently had to sent back my Glass unit due to a break around the counter weight area, so I’ve been without it for a little while and man do I miss it heavily! Okay back to the present, and not you understand my pain. Not only am I missing the goodies to come from the latest update XE11, but it looks like Music is coming shortly in harmony with that update.

Word went out today around the internet that coming in two weeks there will be official Google Play Music All Access support coming to Google Glass. This will include a new “Listen to” voice command from the list of command you can give Glass. It is said you’ll be able to link their Play accounts and be able to access their playlist and recommendations based on past listening. It is also said that users will be able to hear this music using stereo ear buds that have been design by Google for Glass. These will plug into the USB port of the device and will run about $85 when it comes out (people are saying end of the month).

GlassEarbuds Now I’m already a heavy Google Glass user, as if I’m outside I’m wearing them. But I’m also a heavy Google Music All Access user as well, and this addition to Glass I’m most excited about! But I do have some reservations. While I don’t mind picking up the $85 dollar ear buds for Glass, I hope there will be a way for me to use my own pair of headphones. I have quite an extensive headphones/ear bud collection and I would love to be able to use them somehow with Glass. If not that would be a little disappointing AND these ear buds better be damn good!

Either way, the fact that I don’t have my pair of Glass right now is killing me that I can get ready to play with this new feature. Hopefully my replacement will arrive back to me right in time for this and you can be sure I will let you guys know how I like using Play Music with Google Glass. For now check out this promotional video showing Young Guru about how he uses the music feature. Also check out

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