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I have many gadgets that stick out. But I am thankful for the Google Chromebook. When the cloud craze really started to go, I wasn’t initially hyped about it. I felt that working with cloud software wasn’t safe or reliable. I often thought about lack of internet service or a server being down. That was until I got a Google Chromebook.

I am a big user of Google Chrome, and with the Chromebook I get the best out of Chrome and its features. I often use Google docs to begin writing my reviews since I’m usually on the go. It’s great to start off on one device and then pick up exactly where I left off.

For those of you that use Chrome regularly know what a great tool it is and all of the add-ons that you can use to personalize and maximize your experience. When on the Chromebook, I can nearly get all of my social media work done, use Google Play Music to get the work groove going, and start/ finish work with Google docs.

I'm Thankful for Google Chromebook - Analie Cruz

You can access and run software that’s on your other computers with certain programs (for example with Chrome Remote Desktop). You can video chat and communicate, since the Chromebook has a built-in webcam.

Ideally the Chromebook works best when connected for obvious reasons. It syncs and updates your files in the cloud. But you can also work on the Chromebook offline. You can work on docs and email offline, it will sync once connected. That’s not a bad trade-off.

My favorite feature Is the multiple user feature. You can have multiple people use the Chromebook without files being affected. You can also log in to any other Chromebook and everything that’s cloud based will remain the same.

I'm Thankful for Google Chromebook Samsung Chrombook- Analie-Cruz

All of the things that the Chromebook allows at the affordable price of $249 or $279 (depending on which model you get) make it a great device. I’m thankful for having the Google Chromebook because it’s portable, efficient and inexpensive. It’s a winning situation.

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