GS4_ActiveMy job affords me many opportunities all of which I am extremely grateful for but I am thankful for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. It’s no secret that I have never been a Samsung fanboy, their constant release of Galaxy devices has at times made me feel like it was overkill. However, when they released their Samsung Galaxy S3 and we were able to review it my views began to change and I personally went out and bought one as my personal device.

Eventually, it became my son’s main device and handing a teen a polycarbonate device doesn’t always have the best end result. Earlier this year when Samsung announced the Galaxy S 4 Active – again Samsung had my attention. I mean, what’s better than a device that you can take just about anywhere, including inside the pool?

With the increase in “klutz proof” phones on the market this year I was not only surprised that Samsung joined the bandwagon but impressed that they didn’t slack on the camera features. The 5 inch display is a perfect mix of big yet manageable with a rear-facing camera that is 8 MP and 4x Digital Optical Zoom with zero shutter lag. As impressive already is extras like Aqua Mode that allow you to take pics under water, while still allowing you use of the Drama Shot mode allow you to add a little oomph to your underwater photo shoots are even more impressive. Plagued with annoying photo bombers? No worries The Eraser allows you to remove the randoms out of your flicks.

Aside from great camera features there are extras like:

IP67 rating – dust and moisture proof
Gorilla Glass 2 screen – more scratch resistant
WatchON – to basically replace the TV remote and channel surf using any filter imaginable
Air View – to let us control content with as little as a wave of hand or hover of a finger.

Being a family of multiple hobbies, random schedules and different levels of tech know how the Multi Window and Easy Mode features made it one of the few phones we ALL could use without a learning curve. Having survived a summer of many miles traveled, many nose dives onto many marble kitchen floor this is truly a device we could and did get ACTIVE with and even more thankful for the consistent and great coverage provided by AT&T. Thus has been the perfect phone for my very active family and for that I am most thankful.

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