IMAG0529 Google has released another device in the Nexus line, this time the latest smartphone the Nexus 5. Built by LG the Nexus 5 released to the public on October 31 Halloween with Android 4.4 Kit Kat in tow. This being the first and only device with Kit Kat right now, the Nexus 5 has a starting price of $349.00 for the 16GB model and $399.00 for the 32GB model. Now this is the very first Nexus device phone wise I’ve ever used, as the only other being my Nexus 7 tablet. While I enjoy using stock Android on my tablet, using it on a primary device would be a whole new thing. You see normally when I review a phone, I test it out using a secondary line and keep my primary active so as to not disturb my work flow. But for the Nexus 5 I have committed to really testing it by replacing it, taking out my primary device so I can really focus on it. While the full review will be coming shortly, here is some first impression in my first few hours with the Nexus 5.

– The Nexus 5 is incredibly lightweight! Really holding at times it feels like a strong wind would blow it away lol. This makes the phone very comfortable to hold one-handed.

– Launching and switching applications works super fast and very smooth. I had to jump through quite a few screens installing all the apps I had on my other primary phone. As I hopped around, the Nexus 5 handled superbly!

– AT&T can not longer stop me and Google Wallet from being great! When NFC and Google Wallet came on the scene, I couldn’t wait until I had a phone that had it. When I picked up the HTC One I was left disappointed to find out AT&T blocked it. But on the Nexus 5 I was able to do a transaction finally! And I love it!

– Apparently the Nexus 5 can sync with Fitbit! I’m a big Fitbit user, first with the Flex and now with the Force. They give a lot of love to iOS and Samsung devices, but other not so much yet. I was quite surprised to find out the Nexus 5 sync-ed just fine! SCORE!

– It isn’t all roses though. Maybe it is just my unit, but the Phone Dialer has been on ape ish since I got it. The minute I launch it, it crashes and no reboot has resolved it. The only way I can make a call is to use Google now to go around it and connect the call. If anyone knows what’s up with that or experience the same, let us know.

Now I haven’t gotten to the camera area, but will be testing that out as well. Stay tuned for a full review probably end of this week. I’m still in the moving my stuff over to it phase. But I will say so far, I’m loving this device. Which is a first. Though it is a Nexus device, this is the first phone beyond HTC that has really given me a good vibe. And by LG which is a brand I’ve just didn’t like for hardware before. The only other one that has done that recently is the Moto X by Motorola. So this is quick a feat.

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