There are plenty of cases out there now for the iPhone 5 and that also means that there are plenty of cases for the iPhone 5S. Since these two phones are virtually identical in their looks, iPhone 5S owners will have no shortage of already wonderful cases to choose from. Now, for those who still insist on not using a case to protect their investment because they don’t want to ruin the looks of their iPhone 5/5S, what would you say to an almost invisible protection kit that will offer not only protection for the body of your device, but also superior screen protection as well? Would you go for something like that? I know I would and now booq, one of the top makers of Apple accessories have come out with a line of protection kits called simply, the Complete Protection Kit. These kits not only come with a ultra thin, yet durable polycarbonate case, but also a Japanese made tempered glass screen protector.

Design and Installation

I’ll start with the case first as I still believe having at least some sort of case is better than not having one at all. You don’t need to get all fancy or even have a really tough case in order to get at least some protection. The booq Complete Protection Kit includes an ultra thin, snap on hard shell case that is made of polycarbonate. This case not unlike many of the other snap on cases I’ve looked at in the past that offers decent protection for the rear, corners, and the left and right sides of the iPhone 5/5S. Top and bottom screen edges are exposed. The case I received from booq is clear in color but has a semi-matte finish to it. It does not have a super shiny finish to it which is good because in my experience, those scratch up fairly easily. The matte on this also isn’t super matte where you can’t see through it either. It’s a nice balance of both that allows your iPhone’s beauty to show through and at a distance, no one will even be able to tell that you have a case on at all.


The second part of the Complete Protection Kit is the tempered glass screen protector. I know there are already other tempered glass screen protectors on the market, but the booq one seems to be a bit different. For starters, one of the major differences and improvements this one has over others is that the edges on this one feel rounded and do not have that sharp feeling to them. Other tempered glass screen protectors feel like they could cut you if you slid your finger across the edges, but not this one. All edges here feel very smooth and rounded. The fit on this one is also very good with both the home button and speaker hole lining up perfectly with the the iPhone 5/5S. Like other tempered glass protectors though, it does offer an anti-smudge oleophobic coating, as well as better scratch resistance than your average plastic screen films.

Obviously the rear case is a cinch to install. It just snaps on like any other snap on case. It’s fits very well and had all the proper cutouts needed. As for the tempered glass screen protector, it too is very easy to install. You must make sure that your screen is very clean and free from and dust particles. I recommend using some tape to remove any stray particles. Next, just remove the rear film from the protector, line it up with your iPhone 5/5S screen, and just set it down. It will automatically begin adhering itself to the screen and does so without any air bubbles at all. This makes it much easier than many protection films you may have used in the past.

Final Thoughts

I know there are many of you out there who refuse to use cases, whether it’s based on a cosmetic decision or thinking you’re the most careful person in the world that would never drop their device. All I can say is that accidents happen and even the most careful of persons can can have that one freak moment when you’re watching your phone drop to the floor in slow motion. So with that, I again say that at least having some protection is better than having no protection and why not then at least protect your iPhone 5/5S with something that is almost virtually invisible. The ultra thin case will give you decent rear and corner protection while the awesome tempered glass screen protector is better than any protection a plastic film will give you. Not only that, it won’t even feel like you have a screen protector on it at all.

The booq Complete Protection Kit for the iPhone 5/5S is available now directly from booq’s website here. There are actually two different kits available for the iPhone 5/5S that you can buy in either clear or matte black. Not only that, you can also buy the Complete Protection Kit for the iPhone 5C and Samsung Galaxy S4. Each kit costs $34.95 and includes the tempered glass screen protector, polycarbonate case, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and two adhesive home button covers.

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