During a recent Pepcom event I got to check out the Sandisk Connect series of wireless devices. One of the items I’ve been using on the regular has been the wireless flash drive. The Sandisk Connect wireless flash drive comes in two sizes, 16GB and 32GB. It lets you connect up to 8 devices via a WiFi connection from it to your device. It will also let you have 3 media streams simultaneously. You can use this time to copy files to/from it or use it to play content off of it to your device. It last about 4 hours if you continuing stream from it, but much longer if you are using it as a storage and transfer point for data. The wireless flash drive will work with your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, and Android devices.

IMAG0497As for me personally, while I don’t stream a lot of content this type of drive comes in handy when I don’t feel like being bothered with say a Dropbox or Google Drive. With the wireless flash I can while “in the field” quickly take pictures from my phone, tablet, or other device and off load them to this drive. Then just pop this drive in mine or someone else Mac or PC and let them get the files. A perfect example of this would be the images you see here in this post. They were taken with my phone, transferred to the drive and then uploaded to this post when I plug the USB stick into my Mac. This allowed me to continue using my phone for something else while the files I need were available to work with on the computer.

The Sandisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive appeals to me as it comes in handy during those times I want quick move files between devices, without messing with services like Dropbox or I get the combined strength of a USB thumb drives and some easy wireless transfer of data from device I wouldn’t normally have access. And for a price that isn’t too bad. The 32GB drive can be picked up for about $59.99 (Best Buy pricing), which is a nice price for the amount of storage space and features! The wireless flash drive can be picked up now, and up next I’ll be talking about the other devices in the series the Sandisk Connect Wireless Media Drive.