Some of my earliest memories of 3D constantly bring me to Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. Fortunately, technology has come so far since then and now it is not uncommon to have 3D as a standard feature in current HDTVs. However, with only select BluRays supporting the format and fewer video games adding the feature, you may constantly be looking for content to justify the cost of paying for a 3D TV. What if you could create your own 3D videos and photos with ease, and without having to purchase a specific camera or phone to do so, a la the HTC EVO 3D? UK startup the Pratley Co. has just the solution for you with the True-View, a device designed to work with any iPhone or Android phone in order to take 3D photos and videos that can be enjoyed through the True-View device or any 3D monitor or Television. The-True-View-1-650x463

3D in the Palm of Your Hand

How does it work you ask? Quite simply actually. After loading up the True-View app which is now available for iOS and Android, you then insert your smartphone into the True-View via a dock. From there, you can take a picture or video in 3D and view it later in 3D, as aforementioned, on the 3D supporting tech of your choice or even in the True-View itself, allowing you to see the fruits of your labor instantly. Unlike other portable 3D devices like the Nintendo 3Ds or the HTC EVO 3D which use a parallax barrier on the screen to take two images and angle them correctly to achieve a 3D effect, the True-View uses stereoscopic 3D imaging. This is the same method of creating a 3D effect used on many BluRay and 3D televisions where two images are paired side by side and with the aid of your 3D glasses the images are merged for the desired result. True-View however requires no glasses when viewing content through it by utilizing a combination of mirrors inside the device to create the 3D effect.


Device of the Future

With a pretty cool, retro look to it and the ability to swap out the dock to support future smart phones, this device is looking pretty amazing indeed. Unfortunately, it is still in prototype and is being funded via kickstarter which you can check out here. If you want more info, check out the infograph below for a step by step breakdown.

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