IMAG0214 G Style Magazine debuted in October 2005. Back then we were a full on HTML based and coded website. The homepage has a visual image as its background and everyone we would change it to reflect our “magazine” feel. Man, was this both time-consuming and tedious so say the least. We didn’t really hit our stride until we switched the platform over to WordPress in 2007. From then on creating and publishing posts have been easier and quicker for us. To think back to what WordPress was back then and what it is now, man what was transformation.

Since our switch in 2007, it is quite interesting to see what was big and popular back then and what is now. Back in 2007 we were asking was the Sony PS3 really worth it at its $399.99 asking price. We were waiting for the release of the Sidekick LX that was coming to T-Mobile. Remember the Palm Centro for Sprint, HD-DVD, or the Blackberry Curve 8310? Yes, Blackberry was in full effect back then. 6 years later, Blackberry is virtually dead and being sold off, HD-DVD lost to Blu-Ray, Palm is no more, and we are waiting for the release of the Sony PS4. So many things have changed in tech in just these 8 years. Shoot, when G Style first started the Motorola RAZR was the phone to get, and cost about the same as some high end smartphones do now on retail price. Now Motorola belongs to Google and it’s making a come back play with its Moto X phone.

In those 8 years, we at G Style have been there to cover it. The good, the bad, the ugly, and those we wouldn’t even dare put on our pages. From feature phones to smartphones, from laptops to tablets; we have worked to bring you the best. From high end to low, we’ve reviewed the items we thought had the most style and fashion appeal. This has been our mission and continues to be our charter. To bring you what is cool, stylish, trendy, and fashionable in tech.

Now since this is our 8th year in operation, we decided to change up the look for year 8. We haven’t changed the whole site look in quite awhile, but that is just because I loved the last look so much. But we must progress and after some arm twisting LOL, I agreed to change it up. This time around I gave the reigns to G Style Magazine’s co-founder and Creative Director Chuck Holliday. He has done a amazing job! So please enjoy the new site from you desktop, tablet, or phone. There are still a few kinks being worked out, so bare with us but or the most part we are ready to go!

We thank you for taking this journey with us and hope you continue to do so. We enjoy your company and appreciate the support you guys give us on here, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all over the social map! And with that being said, as is our custom when we celebrate, we come bearing gifts! This is just a token of our appreciation for your support. So stay tuned this month as we announce our giveaways for the month!
Here’s to 8 years more and beyond!

Jason Anderson
Publisher / Editor In Chief

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