Now I’m a little behind on some posts, so I’ve definitely been using these for a while. I think that the extra time with Bose QuietComfort20 ear buds has really given a good handle on them. Bose has been on a roll recently with the release of their Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker, these ear buds, and they have something else coming up their sleeve. But about these ear buds. I’ll start off saying they clock in at about $299.95. Yes $299.95 for some ear buds! Worth the price? Let’s dive in!


2013-08-02 12.24.01 When it comes to ear buds, style wise there isn’t much you can do wrong to mess up the look of them. With such a tiny space, there really isn’t much room for error. But it can be done, however this isn’t the case with the Bose QuietComfort20 ear buds. They come in one color (Bose might be nice to throw in some more color options), Warm Gray and it isn’t a bad-looking color. I can wear them with anything and it won’t clash because of the color first, and then because again they aren’t that big to be highly noticeable as well. Beyond the warm gray color, they come with white in ear tips. All in all not a bad-looking pair of ear buds.

If there was to be an ugly mark on this pair, it would come from the battery pack for it. Because these have noise cancellation, it has to have power. But the battery pack towards the end of the cable just make for an awkward and unsightly addition to an otherwise good-looking pair of ear buds. It takes away from it, but not enough to make me not want to use them. And I do use them, they are pretty much my daily drivers since I got them.


Bose QuietComfort® 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones Despite the awkward battery pack, the sounds has definitely got me hooked! The first time I experienced these ear buds, was at a demo in Grand Central. They had us in this little box of a room in Grand Central Station and played music for us while the crowds when on their way. When I tell you I didn’t hear a thing when the noise cancellation was on, I heard nothing! But this could have been a specialized room that helped and the real world use could be different…

Nope! The Bose QuietComfort20 performs amazingly! Has to be hands down, the BEST pair of a noise cancellation listening device (forget headphones vs ear buds, period) I’ve ever used. I’m not even up to the sound quality yet. Seriously when the noise cancelling is on you will hear nothing but your music. Only the most loud sounds or toward the fade out of a playing song will you hear background noise. I literally no longer need to raise the volume of the music. I can listen at a nice low volume and still not be disturbed by outside interference. Simply wonderful!

Then there is the sound quality. The QuietComfort 20 is made by Bose, there is no denying they product devices on the higher end of the sound quality spectrum. The same would apply with to the QuietComfort 20. Lows are good, mids are great, highs are awesome, and the bass pumps crisp boom! This is the reason these why these are my daily drivers.


I’ve been using these ear buds solidly for amount two month plus and love them. I love wearing over the ear headphones, but don’t like messing up my Mohawk. So when that is the case, I grab a pair of ear buds. These ear buds are comfortable, stay put in my ear (and have been doing so comfortable), the sound is amazing, and the noise cancellation is phenomenal. Aside from the awkwardly placed battery pack (seriously Bose you guys need to do something about that in the next version), overall these ear buds rock!

That price though not so much! For as great as these ear buds are, that $299.95 price is stifling! If you have the budget for them or want to make a plead for an upcoming birthday/holiday gift go for it. But this cost isn’t for everybody. This is a pure luxury item, and I wouldn’t recommend picking these up unless you just have some reallocated money sitting around and got a gadget itch that needs to be scratched. But if you do have the budget for it, run…run to ya nearest Best Buy and pick these up today!

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