Now that the iPhone 5S is out and I’m sure there are new iPhone users now who probably want to know all the available case options out there. I’m happy to report that pretty much all the old cases for the original iPhone 5 work with the new iPhone 5S, but that doesn’t mean case manufactures are just resting on their laurels. In fact, they’re moving full steam ahead and coming out with new cases still. One such case maker is DODOcase, which is very well known for their iPad book bound cases It might seem strange to use this type of case for an iPhone, but DODOcase has adapted their design a bit and turned it into their new Leather Wallet case for the iPhone 5/5S. This is a wallet that will hold a few cards, some cash, and your iPhone 5/5S all together in a compact little package.


iPhoneWallet_Black_Exterior_1024x1024Like other DODOcase cases, this one too looks like a little book, but slightly different than the usual cases. Instead of looking completely like a book, it’s a combination of a genuine leather front cover and a traditional book board backing. The iPhone 5/5S wallet features a combination of DODOcase’s signature craft techniques including sewing and bookbinding.

I’ll start with the backing first. This portion of the case is traditional DODOcase using a book board backing. It’s wrapped in using traditional bookbinding techniques and stamped with the DODOcase name on the back. It is then sewn together with the genuine leather front cover which is where the wallet portion of the case is located. More on that later. Glued to the completed book board backing is a custom molded phone tray which is made of plastic instead of bamboo like their iPad cases. This cuts down on bulk and allows the case to be smaller.

The tray portion of the case is just like a regular snap on case that features cutouts for all the major ports, buttons, and even the sim card tray. It snaps on tightly and will keep your iPhone 5/5S securely in place. It provides decent protection but doesn’t protect the top and bottom edges of the iPhone, leaving the protecting to the outer cover when closed.

iPhoneWallet_Black_Interior_1024x1024The front cover like stated above is made of genuine leather. The wallet portion of the case is sewn into the leather cover keeping it firmly in place. The wallet portion is made of bookcloth fabric, which is the same fabric used on the back cover. The wallet feature 3 interior pockets for cards, with on the pockets featuring a clear window for your ID. The window features a thumb hole that allows you to use your finger to slide the card out with ease. Besides the 3 pockets, there’s also a hidden pocket behind it that will allow you to hold some cash.

To finish off the design, an elastic strap added to the rear cover in order to keep everything shut and secure when not opened. This is the same method DODOCase uses to keep all their cases shut when not in use.

Overall, the entire case looks very good and very classy. One thing to note, the wallet portion isn’t entirely all sewn together as some of it looks like it is glued together. Though I haven’t had any trouble with it so far, I’d probably keep an eye on this and do not try to stuff more into the wallet than it was intended to hold.


  • Leather front cover exterior and bookboard back
  • 3 interior pockets for cash, cards and ID
  • Custom molded phone tray
  • Camera hole for photography
  • Complementary stitching throughout
  • Elastic strap for complete security and closure
  • Colors: Black leather with charcoal gray bookcloth fabric and Natural leather with gunnysack bookcloth fabric
  • Center monogramming available for up to 3 letters
  • Dimensions: 5″L x 3″ W x .75″ H

Final Thoughts

I like wallet cases, sometimes. I find then convenient if I go out somewhere where I don’t really want to carry too much with me in my pockets and I don’t need everything on me. For instance if I go to a club or bar for instance, I really just want to carry with me my phone, my ID, a credit card, and some emergency cash. Other than that, I don’t need everything else I would usually carry in my wallet.

On that note, the DODOcase Leather Wallet for the iPhone 5/5S is also something that I don’t see myself using on a daily bases mainly because I usually need to carry more than what this wallet allows. That’s not saying it won’t work for you however. It all depends on how much you actually carry with you.

When it comes to wallet cases though, the DODOcase Leather Wallet does look great though. I really like the styling of it where it looks like a book sort of, but not quite as bookish as their usual cases. The leather adds class and elegance to it and as a personal favorite, I love the smell of real leather.

The DODOcase Leather Case is available in two colors, natural leather and black leather, and can be purchased directly from DODOcase for $69.95. Because these cases are made to order, expect a couple weeks after ordering to receive them. Head on over to their site here to check them out.

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